UFOs & World Affairs Tony Topping With Howard Hughes On Unexplained TV

Tony Topping chats with Howard Hughes regarding his experiences of UFOs and his extraordinary visions before filming for Channel 4. In May 2014, the image portrayed in the 1st 8 minutes of the clip are of actual UFOs near Tony’s House. The second clip is from the art of Lloyd Canning bringing the vision Tony witnessed to life. Currently articles run in the press regarding Russia and Ukraine, it is the conviction of Tony that this vision was a warning to nations of this world and the method which the UFOs communicate with is also a unique theory as told to Tony by those “Who Are Not From Round Here.”

Tony Topping The Talk High Strange Black Spiritual Horizons Liverpool 16th February 2015


A photo of actual UFOs arriving near my home.

The Crosby Comrades Club 96 Liverpool Road, Liverpool Merseyside LS23 5TG

Doors Open 7pm For 8pm Start 16th February 2015.

Spiritual Horizons Liverpool welcomes Tony Topping to the venue.

Tony’s talk with a comprehensive Q & A session is called HIgh Strange Black, he is a covert witness to secretive events surrounding UFOs.

Tony discusses his UFO interactions, journals and targeting by an unknown intelligence agency.

With an emphasis on the ET contact element of his encounters that involve liaison with Nordic and Dimensional ET, Tony calls this “Crossing The Bridge.”

Tony’s unique knowledge has helped others come to terms with the close encounter experience, as Tony guides his audience through the process of contact with advanced ET intelligences

Although some shy away from the media Tony is a well known media contributor having appeared for major broadcasters in the UK his experiences are taking him into the world of documentaries & publishing.

An Introduction To The Book By Tony Topping High Strange Black A Covert Witness Testimony

An Introduction To The Book By Tony Topping High Strange Black A Covert Witness Testimony



Using illustrations by the artist Lloyd Canning to bring my experiences to life, one such image is called Nordic Symbolic, the fascinating story of how the Nordic Symbolic drawing came about is the product of an experience that happened in May 2014.

Selby Abbey & the town of Selby recently hit the news as host town for the wedding of Taiwanese recording artist Jay Chou to Hannah Quinlivan, the town is a small expanding market town located in North Yorkshire UK, near the historic city of York. It is possible that as early as AD959 and even further back in history settlers lived in Selby, at a place called Church Hill. Selby also carries another claim to fame, it is a hotspot for UFOs and some of the residents of the town like to keep that a secret. Sightings in the town have been reported in the 1950’s and 1970’s also in the early 1980’s near the power station at Drax. This is my story of the interaction with UFOs, covert agents and unmarked helicopters that happened in London, across the UK & Selby North Yorkshire, my book is called High Strange Black A Covert Witness Testimony.


It has at times not been pleasant the violations of privacy amongst a unknowing public with advanced technology remain disturbing giving rise to secret surveillance units deploying mind invasive technology on certain members of the public.I was the unwilling participant in very secretive and unethical operations without oversight by an unknown intelligence group. These Black Ops activities I talk about are called Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAP).Eisenhower clearly saw the cover up expanding in a farewell address ICKE said, “The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.”Unmarked helicopters filmed me, I was followed and harassed by some very real Dr Strangelove characters whose activities would be comical if the situation was not as serious, these extreme experiences are taking me into the world of film & documentaries.

A glimpse into Tony Topping’s forthcoming controversial book about UFOs called High Strange Black with illustrations by Lloyd Canning.

The book High Strange Black explores the covert world of operations and secrecy involving UFOs and contact with extraterrestrial intelligences, it is where science fiction collides with real life, as I take the reader into a world where contact with UFOs began for me as a child but not in the way people would think.

In the process of my contact experiences with UFOs I came under high technology torture with weapons of mind control and wrote journals of interaction about the beings behind the UFOs spanning a number of years which I could not decipher, this makes me I feel a most unusual political dissident.

Only recently reading through my journals I reflected & discovered that written in those journals is the diary of an operation to contact UFOs with myself as an interface between two worlds. The horrifying entries of torture via mind control and the disruption by those harassing me in the book is a clear indication of very sinister events to keep such activities quite.

Many startling conclusions were reached for the reader during my reflective period before the High Strange Black publishing project. One of which is “they always deployed mind control on me a day later after my interaction with a UFO, not before nor during interaction.” They were always a day or two late by the time they had understood a UFO had flown over my house in simple terms a covert group of individuals had deployed mind invasive technology to control and monitor a situation I had apparently stumbled into, involving intelligences not of this world.

Using illustrations by the artist Lloyd Canning to bring my experiences to life, one such image is called Nordic Symbolic, the fascinating story of how the Nordic Symbolic drawing came about is the product of an experience that happened in May 2014, a vision while in sleep.


Interactions written in my book High Strange Black had been going on for quite a long time, on that morning I was due to film outside an establishment that is involved in world affairs for the UK broadcaster Channel 4, contributing to a documentary about UFOs. It as if a warning was being delivered due to events in Ukraine by a culture of people from another galaxy it was quite staggering the aliens were using clocks and a local location where a UFO had appeared a few years back in the vision, as well as an angel or avatar symbol, this and many other visions are illustrated in the book.

These people are commonly known as the Nordic Race. Beings who are Scandinavian in look but do not look human, allegedly from the Andromeda Galaxy, it is these extraordinary visions from the Nordic, that have been brought to life by illustrator Lloyd Canning, for the book High Strange Black. Zulu folklore clearly is aware of the Nordic as these were the first people the Zulu set eyes upon before seeing any Westerners the story is extraordinary.

The reader would further be fascinated by Zulu folk-lore and this remarkable statement. By Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa

“Many, many, many centuries ago, before the first White-man came to Africa, we African people encountered a race of alien beings which looked exactly like the European White-man who were going to invade Africa in our future. These alien creatures are tall. Some of them are rather well-built, like athletes, and they have slightly slanting blue eyes and high cheek-bones. And they have got golden hair, and they look exactly like the Europeans of today, with one exception: their fingers are beautifully made, long and like those of musicians and artists.

Now, these creatures came to Africa out of the sky, in craft which looked like the boomerang of the Australian people. Now, when one of these craft comes down to land, it creates a whirlwind of dust, which makes a very large sound indeed, like that of a tornado. In the language of some African tribes, a whirlwind is zungar-uzungo.

Now, our people gave several names to these White-skinned aliens. They called them Wazungu, a word which loosely means “god” but literally means “people of the dust-devil or the whirlwind.

And, our people were familiar with these Wazungu from the start. They saw them, and they saw that some-in fact, many-of these Wazungu carry what appears to be a sphere made of crystal or glass, a sphere which they always playfully bounce like a ball in their hands. And when a force of warriors tries to capture a Wazungu, the Wazungu throws this ball into the air, catches it in his hands, and then disappears.

But, some Wazungu were captured by Africans in the past and forcibly kept prisoner in the villages of chiefs, and in the caves of shamans. The person who had captured the Muzungu, as he is called in singular, had to make sure that he kept the glass-globe well-hidden from the Wazungu. So long as he kept the globe hostage, the Muzungu could not escape.

And when Africans saw the real Europeans, the White men from Europe, they transferred to them the name Wazungu. Before we met the people from Europe, we Africans, we had met White-skinned Wazungu, and we transferred the name Wazungu to the real Europeans, from the aliens.”

The interaction with these aliens sets the backdrop to what is termed a spiritual journey, however their version of a spiritual quest as explained in High Strange Black is staggering in complexity in a world paradigm that is destructive upon itself.

For the 1st time in any UFO book I talk about how the process of contact with aliens from another dimensithon impacts on the experiencer leaving them carrying an incredible signature in time, for the book is a beacon in a world of darkness, a gateway into understanding that which is hidden from view.

I Welcome You To Read A Short Extract From The 1st Draft Introduction Of My Book High Strange Black.

It is a constant feeling of stress for me, being involved in the covert world of secrets that revolve around UFOs & their occupants,what UFOs are, or where UFOs come from. If John le Carré had written High Strange Black George Smiley would reach for the drinks cabinet, It is where the world of my mundane life collides with science fiction & covert interests who are aware we are not alone as the human race in the multiverse.

High Strange Black is a covert witness testimony, a form of disclosure grown from the complex real world of interaction with aliens, people from other worlds & dimensions spanning forty years, it has not been easy and the information discovered came at a price for me.

Of observational interest to any secretive agency or organisation are members of the public interacting with people who reside in a dimensional world, they keep it classified & it is comical if it was not as serious. Communication goes on with beings from other galaxies (as if waving at someone across the road) with ordinary members of the public here in the UK, this communication I call “Crossing The Bridge.”

My experiences are far removed from mainstream UFO research and very different to the stories we see written in the UFO books. By its nature my process of interaction with beings from another dimension is unique, leaving a signature within you that pulses across time.

I was tortured remotely by mind control & stalked by agents unknown, I look at who are the gatekeepers of the secret information that UFOs are under intelligent control from people from other worlds. My harassment began in 1999, the men and women of the UFO secret police in the UK were monitoring my interactions with the UFOs before I had begun to comprehend them. Thus it can be said that somebody, somewhere, in government knows I am having interaction with UFOs and is keeping it a secret.

Credo Mutwa reference http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_credo_mutwa03.htm

Tony Topping Disclosure Of His UFO Encounters On The Nick Margerrison Show

Tony Topping gives a wild interview to Broadcaster Nick Margerrison regarding his astounding experiences with UFOs including the most head spinning and amazing visions from Nordic Blonde Aliens on the morning before fliming for a Channel 4 documentary. An incredible journey into the world of ET’s, covert operations involving elements of the government, Nick & Tony piece together from Tony’s experiences just what is going on at an occult an esoteric level that involves the future of mankind an astoudning broadcast well worth the listen. tonyopsufo@hotmail,.com, http://www.tonytopping.co.uk

The Ancient Force They Call “The Illuminati” A Fascinating Report The Secret World Of Tony Topping

There has been a price tag paid in delivering the information you will hear in this report from Tony. Esoteric symbols dominant the music industry and the cult of celebrity yet what is the driving force behind the “All Seeing Eye” Tony has studied the work of Robert Master’s & The Path of the Fifth Way (Goddess Sekhmet) “Sah, Sekhem Sahu” meaning “The breath of life Sah, The Word of Might Sekhem.” The mantra ends with the word “Sahu” meaning Realised Human…and therein lies the rub as Tony explains the time and trouble in delaying and disrupting the realised human being as a child of the cosmos.

Tony Topping’s secret world spans forty two years of dealing with the esoteric having extreme paranormal experiences since the age 2 the symbolism of ancient India has often appeared to Tony, in this report Tony goes beyond the normal understanding of the foundations of the Illuminati the force behind this mysterious esoteric group must be respected as Tony Topping’s astounding perception and understanding of this ancient esoteric power is given.

Discussing the mocking by celebrities of the existence of the Illuminati  from Jim Carey to the new song by Madonna called “Illuminati” Tony draws on unique documents from the KGB’s psychic espionage unit Troop 100003 whose research document “Who Reins The World” gives fascinating insight into how people are manipulated and ruled.

Tony also links to the work of Russian military general Petrov and his research lecture “Concept of Public Security” the Illuminati from ancient times can thus be known as “the few who control the many.”

Tony experiences in meeting this ancient force as a paranormal experience leaves the adept in no doubt at whatever level of society they belong to that an informed choice must be made as to what esoteric path one wishes to take.

The symbol of Lord Ganesha holds mysterious meaning for Tony as he also talks of his recent UFO encounters.

The incredible book from Tony Topping “High Strange Black” is due out in 2015.


Russia General Petrov strategic studies of the Illuminati  and political control over populations in protection of national security.

http://youtu.be/wrOI9OM8638 Part 1

http://youtu.be/zBKYKOrPJzA Part 2

Psychic Attacks Mind Control & The Occult The Secret World of Tony Topping

In this info packed edition week commencing 7/12/2014 Tony talks about the recent CIA torture report, mind control and the secret state he asks the question are certain people targets of covert units with mind control ? his appearance this month for Channel 4 in the UK, Jim Carey & his Illuminutty improv and of course what everyone is fascinated with, Tony’s extreme paranormal experiences which runs in tandem with the metaphor of the third Matrix film having been subjected to some strange events during the week.

The opinions expressed by Tony Topping may be subjected to change as his journey continues, Mainstream and alternative media cannot use this clip without prior permission. Copyright 2014,

The Secret State & The Tapping Of The Human Mind Tony Topping On Sunday Live

Tony Topping a target of strange high technology surveillance shares his thoughts on the troubling covert harassment he received from a world beyond the scope of the revelations of Edward Snowden Tony’s shares with presenter Charles Lloyd the true horror and darkly comical lunacy of individuals who represent a covert interest group stalking him giving a bad name to those who keep our nation safe.