The World of Bourne Collides With The World of UFOs

Astounding revelations from UFO researcher and “marked man”, Tony Topping. as he takes the audience into a Jason Bourne world of covert surveillance and interaction with UFOs, in a small UK town.


When Robert Ludlum wrote the spy novel, “The Bourne Identity”, he portrayed a man seeking to discover his identity and prior experiences through a labyrinth of covert interests and agendas.
Tony Topping also seeks to know why certain events have happened to him.

To this end, he presents the story of his private war against mind control, UFO secrecy and covert interests, and reveals information from his UFO journals, in public, for the very first time.
A shocking saga of corruption and UFO contact, with a covert agency at his heels, Tony’s UFO experiences are far removed from the world that “High Strange” researchers write about.

The Bite Size Guide To The UFO Contact Experience

Aliens Are Here…Tony Topping explains to the public what the UFO encounter experience is all about. Tony takes the viewer on a journey where science fiction meets real life as we enter into the covert world of UFOs & Conspiracy the public don’t see in 5 minutes.

The Reality of UFO Contact


The Reality of UFO Contact,..

Tues 23RD February 7.30pm The Bricklayers Arms High St

Downley High Wycombe

Tony Topping is a UFO experiencer & Targeted Individual. “Your the person who has had UFO encounters, you will come from all walks of life, you might be a UFO researcher or had a UFO incident .you are baffled by it. What you see is information that just does not give you answers,” Tony takes the audience on a very deep journey of unorthodox understanding into the real life elements that involve UFOs.Tony has had a lifetime of experience with the UFO phenomena. Here he shares unique knowledge of his spiritual journey and encounters with UFO craft that take an evolutionary jump in knowledge, This unique information forms part of a major TV documentary project. Bring a pen we’ll bring the paper it is going to be an information

UFO Disclosure World Leaders & UFOs Tony Topping’s UFO Diaries

AKA the Covert Witness Blogs Tony Topping takes the viewer on a fascinating update of life at the sharp end of UFOs and related espionage activity/mind control. Giving his unorthodox opinion on the recent CIA Disclosure, the story of how a political leader of one nation is taking interest in a contactee case. The activities of UFO contact in the continuum and the Yasmat Paradox, AI UFO & attempting to save his sanity against an esoteric onslaugh a truly interesting broadcast from the UK lead UFO experiencer.

Government UFO Disclosure & Contact With UFOs Tony Topping On The Bunker

Not one to miss.

One of the most deepest interviews on the contact experience given by UK UFO researcher Tony Topping to date.

Tony known for his close encounters with UFOs and subsequent secret police targeting, goes deep into the subject of UFO Disclosure with a real unorthodox take on it,

Contact with ET’s and how the real life events surrounding UFO contact seems to never to provide answers to the experiencer.

Tony then goes deep into the subject of the UFO contact experience and what contactees are never told after the event and impact upon their lives by the CE5 encounter, Tony describes it as a dirty unethical business, with people in the public domain who have had contact experiences with UFOs left to try and pick their lives and in some cases are targeted by an unelected goon squad.

Mysterious UFO Landing In Turner Maine US Presenter Don Doyon

Researcher Don Doyon asked my team to provide analysis of this mysterious UFO on a corner of a road on Upper Street in Turner Maine US what follows is Don presenting a fascinating look at what my visual analyst J came up with he encourages public debate on this.