UFO Researcher Tony Topping Buzzed By UFO.

Yorkshire UK…

“They never come that close in all the years I have filmed them.” Tony Topping comments on a recent UFO sighting that is perhaps deeper than it appears. The 48 year old researcher who recently lost his mother was feeling very low due to bereavement. The UFO appeared very close about 30 meters away from him just above the roof tops at great speed. The interactions appear to continue with Tony and have done for a long time.

Tony says “It is interesting to note the continual behaviour of them which indicates they are under intelligent control. The level of activity near UK military aircraft may also indicate an attempt at communication as if droppimg a subtle hint. Some of the UFOs I film are possibly from another universe. I am trying to get to the bottom of it.”

UFOs over Tony”s home are a common event. A UAV appeared over his house a few years ago. The UAV was buzzed at great speed by a UFO. Tony’s team said the UFO was so quick that a slow playback was unable to capture it. Of concern to Tony is that those in the UK who seem to see who are behind the UFOs are monitored by Dr Strangelove type agents. 

Unmarked helicopters, mysterious phone calls including a gem of a call from a man claiming to be German Defence Intelligence cause a darkly comical circus akin to the comedy classic film The Plank. Of course the UFOs that Tony terms his “flying circus” are active over the skies above him, in the days ahead his camera shall not lie. When it comes to contactimg aliens never wish you may get what you wish for.

Tony Toppimg appears for various broadcast media regarding the UFO phenomena.


The Bite Size Guide To The UFO Contact Experience

Aliens Are Here…Tony Topping explains to the public what the UFO encounter experience is all about. Tony takes the viewer on a journey where science fiction meets real life as we enter into the covert world of UFOs & Conspiracy the public don’t see in 5 minutes.

Prediction Of UFO Turning Up & UFO Then Appears On Camera River Ouse Selby

Prediction of UFO

Covert Witness: In 2001 an incident happened to Covert Witness involving two RAF jets and a UFO, in 2003 a prediction is made written in his journals of a UFO turning up at the location, in 2015 a UFO is filmed in that location. He awaits to film the daylight UFO. What does it all mean ?.

Appearance of UFO

it has been quite a while since Tony Topping filmed a UFO and a series of events in 2001 and a journal entry 2003 leads Tony to assess some further footage will be taken, here a noiseless, bright light UFO that Tony often sees appears over a period of two days. On Sunday 9th August 2015 Tony had some strange activity on the morning of the 8th August.

Aliens Could Share More Technology With Us If We Warmonger Less Former Canadian Defence Minister

Canadian minister of Defense in 1960s, Paul Hellyer directed Canadian armed forces during the time of the Cold War when he retired he publicly stated that we are not alone in the universe and some guests from outer space actually live here on planet Earth.

Is this fantasy? Is someone actually watching us? Russia Today asks the man who says UFOs are a serious business — Paul Hellyer. With thanks to Russia Today.

Stalked By A Secret Police UFOs & The Harassment Of Tony Topping

Words cannot describe the living hell a covert agency of the state put Tony Topping through here he talks openly for the first time about his involvement in UFO operations, being stalked and disrupted by mind control and his excellent imporvised piece to camera of him cracking up which sums up what words cannot say regarding his ordeal. The cover up regarding UFOs is in place and Tony has been the victim of serious hi-tech crime. Show your support. No media commerical or alternative my rebroadcast without prior permission copyright 2014