UFOs. How Science Fiction Collides With Real Life.

UK UFO researcher Tony Topping speaks to the Asylum Radio Show about how science fiction collides with real life on his journey to understand more about the alien contact experience. Packed with information about the UFO secret police, ET intelligence and world affairs. The Continuum & AI UFOs and of course no interview is complete without Tony’s encounters with Nordic ET.


UFO Filmed Over UK Housing Estate With Analysis

As part of my ongoing narrative involving UFOs this is a recent UFO, a triangle type craft flying in a vertical configuration like a flying pyramid, it is part of a process of continual interaction and a diary has also been kept, the UFOs were over the house for 30 mins signalling as if schooling me in their presence, I will discuss the diary in another upload. I am pleased to report a major TV show is interested in doing a feature on my experiences.

UFO Passes Low Over My Garden What Is The Message ?

A UFO passes low over my garden analysis is very revealing as it reveals the UFO has changed shaped into a square. I believe this means higher doorway to another realm. Further there is the amazing sequence of the UFO changing shape and flying through a ham radio antenna only to expand as if flew away. This raises many questions and activity as I slept later was interesting.

Tony Topping On QHMATRIX Radio UFOs & The Collins Elite 26TH Oct 8pm EST

Coded Warning Nordic

The Nordic Vision

Tony Topping joins the Rev John Polk on the Quantum Hologram Matrix Show

20.00pm 26th Oct EST, 0300 27TH October UK time. Tony discusses his contact experiences with UFOs and an incident last year in December which had a profound effect on him. Involvement with UFOs and the occupants of them in real life is very different to what is written. Tony explains his contact experience with blonde blue eyed people and how they sent a vision too him that impacts on world affairs as by brought to life by illustrator Lloyd Canning (above).

Tony shares with the listeners his experiences and gives insight into another agency like MJ12 called The Collins Elite a mysterious agency that explored the demonic component of UFOs.


UFOs Channel 4 RIIA & The Extraordinary Visions Of Tony Topping



A vision from one ET group very real and very animated.

A Vision From One ET Group Very Real And Very Animated.


For a forthcoming Channel 4 documentary on the morning of the 23rd May 2014 Tony Topping went to London to be filmed by the broadcaster near the Royal Institute of International Affairs,on that morning a vision was delivered too him that was some type of warning, involving triangle UFOs & clocks on a countdown to some type of conflict. Tony keeps an open mind, the question arises has some advanced alien culture sent warnings to the US & UK governments and if so why ?. In this clip Tony describes what happens.

The opinions expressed by Tony Topping maybe subject to change as his experiences grow & may not be the official position of Tony Topping. No media is allowed to use this footage without prior permission Rights Reserved 2014 Tony Topping.