Booking Tony Topping

Booking Tony Topping



Tony Topping

Broadcaster & Writer UFOs, Paranormal Espionage, Espionage & High Strangeness.

I get all kinds of requests from the media, students free-lancers & speaking venues, for my lectures.  I can be available at short notice, this explains some basics to avoid confusion before booking me for media professionals & conference organisers. You can email me at

I am normally very quick to respond, My experiences are a serious matter it is not something to make a light hearted TV documentary about although I have been treated very well by commercial broadcasters to date. Normally current clips on my YT channel are free to use for broadcasters.

If you are a large professional media organisation or well funded conference then travel and accomodation costs would be expected to be paid plus a contribution fee.

If you are a small media organisation, conference or other project do please specifiy what you would like me to do I am very flexible

Please note I do not deal with film students or newly graduated film students who may want to do a film about my experiences, I am interested in projects with producers & directors with established track records in the media relating to my High Strange experiences. My detailed site is at



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