UFO Researcher Tony Topping Buzzed By UFO.

Yorkshire UK…

“They never come that close in all the years I have filmed them.” Tony Topping comments on a recent UFO sighting that is perhaps deeper than it appears. The 48 year old researcher who recently lost his mother was feeling very low due to bereavement. The UFO appeared very close about 30 meters away from him just above the roof tops at great speed. The interactions appear to continue with Tony and have done for a long time.

Tony says “It is interesting to note the continual behaviour of them which indicates they are under intelligent control. The level of activity near UK military aircraft may also indicate an attempt at communication as if droppimg a subtle hint. Some of the UFOs I film are possibly from another universe. I am trying to get to the bottom of it.”

UFOs over Tony”s home are a common event. A UAV appeared over his house a few years ago. The UAV was buzzed at great speed by a UFO. Tony’s team said the UFO was so quick that a slow playback was unable to capture it. Of concern to Tony is that those in the UK who seem to see who are behind the UFOs are monitored by Dr Strangelove type agents. 

Unmarked helicopters, mysterious phone calls including a gem of a call from a man claiming to be German Defence Intelligence cause a darkly comical circus akin to the comedy classic film The Plank. Of course the UFOs that Tony terms his “flying circus” are active over the skies above him, in the days ahead his camera shall not lie. When it comes to contactimg aliens never wish you may get what you wish for.

Tony Toppimg appears for various broadcast media regarding the UFO phenomena.


Tony Topping UFOs & The UFO Cover Up.

British UFO witness and targeted individual, Tony Topping shares details of the harrowing experiences surrounding his contacts.

Tony Topping Features On BBC The One Show Talking UFOs

Tony Topping talks about his UFO encounters and footage on the UK Magazine Show The One Show. With thanks to the team at Big Deal Films who took up Tony’s idea of filming at UFO Academy Watford for the BBC One feature.

Tony Topping Films Feature About His UFO Encounters For The One Show.

Tony Topping was recently asked to do a feature for The One Show to be aired in July. Taking the viewer through his image analysis and close encounter experiences, it was The plasma UFOs that led to quite a discussion and what the UFO subject means to the man and woman in the street. Tony’s mantra is always to critique your work and have strong image analysis.

Excellent UFO Images Taken From The US

Taken on Pearl St Turner, Maine facing Upper St, my friend in the UK said this about it. With thanks to Don Dyon and his team.

“Analysed the photograph you sent me, the UFO/Object appears to be quite a distance away from the subjects (plenty of references for distance, Cows, fields etc) when i have zoomed in deeper to the object it distorts because of the distance, but it appears to have a solid body/fuselage with a triangular/Delta shape to the wings or outer part of the body mass, without more pictures it is difficult to say what it is..?

It could be secret covert technology or just military (stealth bomber/fighter) one thing I’m sure about there is definitely an Object there, I could not see any other anomalies in the photograph but again that doesn’t mean there isn’t something there,”

The World of Bourne Collides With The World of UFOs

Astounding revelations from UFO researcher and “marked man”, Tony Topping. as he takes the audience into a Jason Bourne world of covert surveillance and interaction with UFOs, in a small UK town.


When Robert Ludlum wrote the spy novel, “The Bourne Identity”, he portrayed a man seeking to discover his identity and prior experiences through a labyrinth of covert interests and agendas.
Tony Topping also seeks to know why certain events have happened to him.

To this end, he presents the story of his private war against mind control, UFO secrecy and covert interests, and reveals information from his UFO journals, in public, for the very first time.
A shocking saga of corruption and UFO contact, with a covert agency at his heels, Tony’s UFO experiences are far removed from the world that “High Strange” researchers write about.