The Secret UFO Agency Called The Collins Elite

The Secret UFO Agency Called Collins Elite


This is a saga of the American Intelligence gathering community becoming very alarmed at events that were happening at a paranormal level in conjunction with what is termed, The UFO Air War of 1950.

It all began with a spy investigation at the Hughes Aircraft Company, and ended up with the forming of the US secret agency the Collins Elite, possibly uncovering the answer to the esoteric manipulation of the human race.


The first line of defence against UFO attack in 1950s America was the F94.

In the 1950s hidden from public a view across the skies of the US F94 Rocket firing craft were attacking UFOs who were coming into US airspace it is comical to note in the recent National Archive release in August 2011 of how Winston Churchill was fobbed off by the Americans that nothing was happening with UFOs in 1950.


Typical of a UFO across the US skies of 1950, the Air Force F94 jets would fire salvos of rockets at them. The constant impact would weaken the force field and bring them down hence the phrase “Shoot em Down”.

The Opposite is true as F94 jets were hammering away with rocket salvos at the UFOs and shooting them down, US planes were also being shot out of the sky by UFOs, air accidents and mysterious crashes of planes all across the world were reported and air aces were brought down by the UFOs. Pilots got spooked hearing their names being called by mysterious voices over the radio’s. Majestic 12 documents remain quite about this period of US history, but a secretive group was formed to look at how this happened, the result of the findings of the Collins Elite answered many questions about what had happened too me.

You may heard of Majestic 12, or Majority, the so called organisation tasked with monitoring the UFO cover up.


American super secret agency the NSA who have also taken a keen interest in matters UFO it is said the Jason Society was the UFO gathering organisation within NSA.

The NSA had its own group called the Jason Society. The JASON Society, or JASON Scholars, takes its name from the story of Jason and the Golden Fleece, and it is a branch of the Order of the Quest, one of the highest degrees in the Illuminati. The golden fleece takes on the role of truth to the JASON members. Jason represents the search for truth. Therefore the name JASON Society denotes a group of men who are engaged in a search for the truth. The name Jason is spelled with capital letters when used as the name of the JASON Society.

Lower-case letters are never used when referring to this secret group. The name may even have deeper meaning, as the name “Jason” and the Golden Fleece appear throughout history in relation to various other secret societies. In these instances the story represents man (Jason) looking for himself (Golden Fleece).

Top Secret documents from within Naval Intelligence stated that President Eisenhower had commissioned the JASON Society to examine all of the evidence, facts, lies, and deception and find the truth of the alien question.

Our story begins with the top secret UFO intelligence gathering agency called Collins Elite, rumoured to have its origins at the Wright Paterson Air Force Base they reached startling conclusions and it all began because of spies dabbling in the occult.

The USAF had concluded via the Collins Elite research that UFOs were (in some cases) a complex product of esoteric rituals.


Wright Paterson AFB Home of the Collins Elite.

Wright-Patterson AFB is “one of the largest, most diverse, and organizationally complex bases in the Air Force”[5] with a long history of flight test spanning from the Wright Brothers into the Space Age.

The conclusion that some UFOs were demonic and appearing via gateways opened from rituals, began with a spy scandal involving a man called Jack Parsons, who was involved with the father of Scientology Ron Hubbard, who it is rumoured may have been spying on Parsons for US Navy Intelligence. Or even The Collins Elite.


Jack Parsons the man suspected via ritual means of triggering a major UFO invasion over the skies of the US.

Jack Parsons was the father of rocket propulsion & was involved in a spy scandal with the Israelis and was a practising occultist, having had paranormal experiences all my life, I have realised the occult offers nothing, but Parsons began to take an interest in the work of Aleister Crowley.


Order of the Temple of the East.

Crowley founded the OTO Which was a quasi-masonic order. The higher grades show esoteric Hindu influences of a sexual nature. OTO commonly known as Order of the Temple of the East, or the Order of Oriental Templars is a organisation founded by Crowley and it is this that Parsons became fascinated with, Parsons was the father of Rocket Propulsions although the father of rocket propulsion is also credited to Von Karman

Parsons was the founder of the Aerojet Corporation, and his designs are used to this day it is rumoured he was involved in unsavoury practices and tried to use ritual to invoke gods before each rocket test.

It is said the FBI were making enquiries about Jack Parsons & his esoteric practices.

Parsons also befriended the founder of Scientology L Ron Hubbard, who became close friends with Parsons and also lived with him, Ron Hubbard ran off with Parsons girlfriend Majorie Cameron and 10k of his money, it is rumoured that Parsons finally found Hubbard and Cameron out at sea and cast a spell upon them it is rumoured that they nearly drowned.


The ET “LAM” Crowley it is said channelled.

Crowley in the 1900’s did a ritual that evoked contact, so it is said, with an ET called LAM, and opened a portal. It is then further rumoured that Parsons used a ritual called the Babylon working, in the 1940s and that this caused a further portal to open and as a result “something wicked came our way.” In the form of UFOs according to elements of US intelligence.

Parsons observed that after his Babylon working, UFO sightings began on mass as if demons and mysterious powers had been opened upon the earth, for the Collins Elite this was of grave concern .

Parsons came to the attention of the FBI IN THE 1950’s as he stole documents from his employer the Hughes Aircraft Company, it is said he had passed these documents to the Israeli government, for which he apologised, the FBI questioned him about his occult practices which Parsons played down, according to a former CIA member of the Collins Elite, they had done some special digging around and discovered Parsons was linked with Kenneth Arnold.


Kenneth Arnold

The modern phenomena of UFOs and “flying saucers” began in Washington state on June 24, 1947, when Kenneth Arnold spotted nine mysterious, high-speed objects “flying like a saucer would” along the crest of the Cascade Range near Mount Rainier. His report made international headlines and triggered hundreds of similar accounts of “flying saucers” locally and across the nation.

As a result of this the Air Force Office of Special Investigation questioned Parsons about his various links to Arnold and people who knew of the Roswell UFO crash, they asked if they thought his occult rituals may have opened a door way so that UFOs started appearing, Parsons indicated that was probably the case, as a result of this a small project was formed by the air force at Wight Patterson AFB that made avenues of enquiry into the area of occult and demonology wanting to know what Parsons could have set in motion.

The intelligence gathering began and the member of the Collins Elite indicated that quite a lot of data had been gathered on the activities of Parsons and what he was doing with Crowley and Hubbard.

Jack Parsons blew himself up in an experiment that went very wrong and it was suspect it was occult related, the man who had opened the door way to UFOs was not around to shut it down, more alarmingly the Collins Elite believed Parson’s is death may have been related to a pact with him and the UFO’s that made the portal stronger resulting in high increases of UFO sightings and what is not commonly known is that the Collins Elite, was funded by the CIA, after the closure of Project Blue Book.

Link to the Town of Collins New York

The Collins Elite is named after a place in New York called Collins which was told to them by a Quaker who was assisting them with demonology it is where they make Cheese the joke was “here he was assisting the military suits on the subject of the psychic connection to UFOs when he should be making Cheese. ” “he was the elite of Collins” and so it got used.


Sidney Gottlieb

The Collins Elite also turned to other avenues of enquiry and so began the foundations of the US military and its foray into psychic spying or Remote Viewing, and so the CIA started Operation Often (MKOFTEN) this was the experiment to use mediums and clairvoyants and to be part of a larger effort to harness psychic powers for various intelligence operations including debriefing dead CIA agents and finding out the intention of the enemy., Secrets and Lies, the CIA’s Operation Often was also initiated by the chief of the CIA’s Technical Services Branch, Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, to “explore the world of black magic” and “harness the forces of darkness and challenge the concept that the inner reaches of the mind are beyond reach.”

Gottleib is associated with all kinds of ways to assisnate Fidel Castro and developed techniques under MKULTRA to crush the human psyche.

At that time so it is written the world of Espionage was surrounded by strange occult goings on, dangerously Gottleib & others had made plans to attempt to harness demonic powers as tools of espionage the operational name for this was Operation Often.

Often was used as a name because “Often we are very close to our goals and then pull back.” A grant was secured for 150 thousand dollars, and the operation went ahead.

Operation Often had its routes in the research of psychiatrist Dr Ewen Cameron who it appears had be unknowingly on the verge of a breakthrough in his understanding of the paranormal, Operation Often intended to go beyond his work and the operation went into uncharted areas with fortune tellers and astrologers.

The Often team approached a Monsignor of the Catholic Diocese who specialised in demonology the priest refused to get involved in the matter, it is said frightening images were shown to the priest of psychics killed in action attempting to harness these unknown powers.

According to researcher Nick Redfern and his research on the Collins Elite from the book Final Events, his story began with himself being a approached by a priest who had been approached by two men from the US DoD who indicated it was their opinion that UFOs were demonic and that interaction with Non Human Entities always turned out to be bad.

They had stupidly attempted to harness and understand the powers these entities were using and it is said in the process, they were conned into thinking by these mysterious demonic/alien life forms that they the DoD were beating them when in fact it suited the mysterious beings to give that impression & then hit harder.

I reached the startling conclusion based on years of paranormal events and strange interactions with UFOs that mankind was being ruled over by an unknown hand, to my shock I discovered even before the paranormal espionage of the 1970s under Scannate, Grillflame, etc, that the US intelligence community had at the highest level also reached this conclusion.

In terms of national security aliens do not attack like we would see in the films, instead they come in via the human mind, and as I have so often emphasised the hidden and secretive symbolism we see in secret societies and the organisation of the engineered chaos we see in our world, was also seen by none other than the US in the 1950s. The Collins Elite saw as did I what was coming our way.

The Collins Elite and I differ in opinion, it is their opinion that human souls are being harvested by such beings the conclusion terrified them. I believe the opposite, that a highly advanced intelligence not only created man, but created an afterlife for the soul, so that it might be born again to learn. The world of life after death is in my conclusion an environment of advanced and deep relaxation of the soul in a sleep state to be reawakened, this created by an advanced intelligence that is the opposite of all I have spoken of in this article.

As for the Collins Elite and if they exist today, that remains a mystery. Stay tuned.