Incredible UFO Photo Taken Holy Island UK

Tony Topping was invited to give a talk about UFOs at the Lindesfarne Festival, Berwick UK before he did so a photo was taken by him of the very pleasant scene, to his surprise he had photographed a UFO without knowing, after that UFOs were seen later that evening enjoy the photo.


Tony Topping An Introduction To His UFO Encounters & Dealing With A Secret Police In The UK

Tony Topping An Introduction To His UFO Encounters & Dealing With A Secret Mind Control Police In The UK.

A Fascinating journey into my High Strange life in 15 minutes:

My lifetime experiences of UFO encounters and covert harassment condensed into 15 mins, on the receving end of mind control from a secret and unaccountable group. It is a darkly comical journey which has had many strange incidents a long the way.

The Secret World Of Tony Topping. Covert Secrecy, UFO Encounters. Mind Control, Conspiracy & Espionage #HIGHSTRANGEBLACK

My Interactions With Extraterrestrials Across The Space Time Continuum An Advanced Report Audio Version

My Interactions With Extraterrestrials Across The Space Time Continuum Tony Topping Audio Version

Voted on Facebook as the most fascinating broadcast from Tony regarding his encounters to date.

In this audio report for October 2014 Tony Topping delivers once again some astounding material regarding his high strange experiences with UFOs & the esoteric, as the game continues among an unknowing public covert harassment & mysterious dreams, communication across the Space Time Continuum from people not of this earth Tony delves into the who & the where but the elusive question is why.

The esoteric allures him to the area of Canary Wharf, his communication with off world visitation delivering strange visions of the capital of the UK and the SBS arrest on London Underground of two people suspected as not of this world lead Tony to wonder what he also witnessed one strange day in London in 2010, it would be comical if it was not so serious. The right of Article 10 is expressed here.

Mainstream in all formats &; Alternative Media in all formats cannot use this clip without permission. Tony Topping Rights Reserved 2014.

Journals Of A MILAB The New Book From Tony Topping A Unique Glimpse


Journals of a MILAB The New Book Coming In 2014 From Tony Topping.

By popular demand the new book by Tony Topping called Journals of a MILAB is currently being written by Tony Topping after his journals of his interactions were reviewed after 8 years. They tell the incredible story of Tony’s struggle against forces beyond human comprehension, the people behind the UFOs & the spine chilling harassment that hounded him via advanced technology for a number of years. The book has a duality it can be read by anyone who has never even looked at the UFO abduction subject before, it a human interest story in it’s own right and it apparent that those behind the interactions left a trail of information spanning years. Tony returned to his journals after stopping them in 2009 to begin again in 2014, after taking tips from the former KGB spy masters on how to improve the data being looked at.

Tony is pleased to share a fascinating entry that happened in May 2014 in what he terms Dreamscape while asleep, very real, very full on images of the craft of people from an advanced culture showing an interest in the affairs of mankind…it is noted later in that day he was filming for Channel 4 outside Chatham House and the location shown in a field was also filmed by the broadcaster.

No media can reproduce without permission copyright 2014 Tony Topping

No media can reproduce without permission copyright 2014 Tony Topping

What is striking about the interaction is the unmistakable triangle craft and the drawing of two clocks, Tony is of course not the best drawer and this will be forwarded to an illustrator, but it is of note a warning is being delivered with attention drawn to the clock stopping at 23.45pm and the image of an angel to the left continually and brightly shining on and off…

These entries and Tony’s astounding log books never shown or talked of before in public from 2002 to 2008 are now to be published for the first time, it is a fascinating story, one which charts Tony’s ordeal as part of secretive operations involving himself and attempted communications with those not of this world.  Some real think out of the box perception of what Tony has written leads to him finding for the first time in years answers to questions.