The World of UFOs & Remote Viewing @ The Psychic Special Fair 29th Oct 2016

The Psychic Fair Is Going Ahead However Due To Circumstances Beyond My Control The

Talk Has Had To Be Cancelled.



Talk Starts 1200pm @ High Elms Lane Watford Hertfordshire. WD25 0JX.

Talk Cancelled Event Still As Normal

As a special addition to the Psychic Fair, Special Guest Tony Topping presents the World of UFOs & Remote Viewing, Tony has had Psychic experiences from an early age & in this exclusive presentation Tony takes the audience through the techniques of Remote Viewing as developed by Stanford Research Institute.

Tony’s research has been endorsed by US Army Remote Viewer 01 Joseph McMoneagle a true PSI spy.

You will learn the techniques & gain an understanding of the information management process of psychic spying. Many claim to be remote viewers, Tony will teach you what the subject is really all about. Working targets like the real Remote Viewers and exploring the concept of signal from noise as used by SRI in America. a great tool for intuitive enhancement.

You will be given the chance to actually try remote viewing for yourself, perhaps discovering psychic abilities you never knew you possessed! It’s sure to be a highly entertaining presentation.

Tony will also explain how this links to his UFO research in a most unique way.

Tony is a broadcaster, lecturer & author, He has appeared for various major broadcasters.


Russia’s Psychic Spy Unit Troop 100003 Tony Topping

In the area of Psychic Espionage Russia had it’s own elite unit funded by a strange twist of irony partly by the CIA. Here Tony Topping tells the fascinating story of this unit, seldom heard of in the West yet responsible for major operations including UFO contact and the development of a Noocosmology

The Ancient Force They Call “The Illuminati” A Fascinating Report The Secret World Of Tony Topping

There has been a price tag paid in delivering the information you will hear in this report from Tony. Esoteric symbols dominant the music industry and the cult of celebrity yet what is the driving force behind the “All Seeing Eye” Tony has studied the work of Robert Master’s & The Path of the Fifth Way (Goddess Sekhmet) “Sah, Sekhem Sahu” meaning “The breath of life Sah, The Word of Might Sekhem.” The mantra ends with the word “Sahu” meaning Realised Human…and therein lies the rub as Tony explains the time and trouble in delaying and disrupting the realised human being as a child of the cosmos.

Tony Topping’s secret world spans forty two years of dealing with the esoteric having extreme paranormal experiences since the age 2 the symbolism of ancient India has often appeared to Tony, in this report Tony goes beyond the normal understanding of the foundations of the Illuminati the force behind this mysterious esoteric group must be respected as Tony Topping’s astounding perception and understanding of this ancient esoteric power is given.

Discussing the mocking by celebrities of the existence of the Illuminati  from Jim Carey to the new song by Madonna called “Illuminati” Tony draws on unique documents from the KGB’s psychic espionage unit Troop 100003 whose research document “Who Reins The World” gives fascinating insight into how people are manipulated and ruled.

Tony also links to the work of Russian military general Petrov and his research lecture “Concept of Public Security” the Illuminati from ancient times can thus be known as “the few who control the many.”

Tony experiences in meeting this ancient force as a paranormal experience leaves the adept in no doubt at whatever level of society they belong to that an informed choice must be made as to what esoteric path one wishes to take.

The symbol of Lord Ganesha holds mysterious meaning for Tony as he also talks of his recent UFO encounters.

The incredible book from Tony Topping “High Strange Black” is due out in 2015.

Russia General Petrov strategic studies of the Illuminati  and political control over populations in protection of national security. Part 1 Part 2

Who Reins The World Boris K Ratnikov From An Incredible Article From Russia’s Psychic Spies

Who Reins the World

Boris K. Ratnikov

In early 90th of the last century Latin manuscript named «Testament of the World Ruler» was found in one of secret funds. In the preface, unknown author stated that the text is transferring the content of older document, which was written in the times of Babylon Reign, based on the ancient Egyptian and Persian manuscripts. Content of this document is controversial with majority of established moral considerations and perspectives of society development. This information was meant for the small part of professional politicians of the highest rank. This is the oldest political ideology, main statements of which are in the basis of any modern society. After reading of this manuscript, it becomes obvious, that not people, but their ideas rein the world, many of these ideas were formed in the ancient times. So there is mystical paradox: people construct the rules, from which they become dependent. The world is ruled by ideology of the ancient people. Life of those who live now depends on the rules, constructed by the dead. Those rulers cannot be killed or deposed. Thus their reign is infinite. Spiritual energy of the World of the Dead forms mighty field force, which was called God by the people. Influence of this force is unlimited, because it is in the conscious of everyone.

Here are main statements from «Lord of the World Instructions»:

1. Mighty has right to use force

Force is limiting freedom, but only force is able to unite the society. To justify, why force was used, you should fined inner or outer enemy and inspire the crowd to battle with him. The crowd is blinded tool of the mighty one.

Freedom is just an idea, but you should convince people believe in it. Remember that SELF-ORGANIZATION is the best way to ruin any society. Even mere promise of freedom, equality and brotherhood sow discord. Discord causes need of terror, which is followed by dictature.

Criminal elements are true allies of any political system, which pretends to battle with evil.

Idea of freedom cannot be real because nobody would be able to use it properly. If the nation is granted self-organization, it will be turned to complete debauchery. In-fighting will start and the state will be ruined from inside. Weak state is an easy prey for external enemies. To avoid this, you should cancel freedom and invent dictature.

Weak government only allows new discord in the society. Mighty government has nothing to do with normal moral. Governor with normal moral is weak, and his reign is not stable. Who wants to rein, must always use cunningness and hypocrisy. Openness and honesty are the nice symbols for the population. Blood and iron rein the world. The population, represented by its parvenus, will be left on its own. It causes discords, chase for honor and rush for wealth, suspiciousness and disturbances.

Terror brings uncomplaining obedience. Self-organization corrupts. No compromise exists. Attempts to combine dictate and anarchy brings nothing, except wars and weakening of the state. Disturbances are stopped by the force. People deeds start to be ruled then by moral laws, not by animal instincts. Then debt before the law arrives!

2. In nature is no equality

Equality goes against the natural laws. Everyone has different abilities and different possibilities. Ancient told that the words «freedom, equality and brotherhood» are unconscious repeat of old lure, thrown to the crowd generations ago. Repeating these words, nobody thinks that they are controversial. Real freedom of the personality must be protected from the influence of the crowd. But what man could be free, when by force he is made equal with another, who is less talented or weaker? What brotherhood could exist in the crowd, consisting of the «free personalities», each of them seeking to satisfy own natural requirements? To counteract these false calls there must be Doctrine of Austerity, based on the personal authority of the governor. State force is revealed not only in terror, but in the suggestions, which are called laws and ideologies. Law of inequality of minds, characters and ideologies gives right to the mighty (and clever) to impose his opinion to those weaker. It stops disagreements, allows to avoid violence inside the nation.

3. Sleeping beast is easier to catch

The crowd, which finds the obstacle on its way to the authority, starts looking for the leader. A bit later leader from the population arrives, who is supported by the incidental people, who were near him just by chance. The crowd is ready to have patience to different abuses, because the leader says it is not his fault, but for the higher goal. For example, leader says that ravaging of own country is for the general peace and happiness. As a result, the crowd starts to believe that incompetency and chaos do not bring disaster, but are for the good. With this belief the crowd ruins stability and creates disturbances all the way. Drunk with the word «freedom», people protest against all laws, including the laws of nature.

Developing the desire for power in the newcomer leaders from the crowd, it is important to promise them complete freedom of actions. Without moral and political limits, they lose vigilance and start power-abuse over the society, just for their private interests. These are sacrificed to the crowd, satisfying its predatory instincts and creating visibility of rightness and order.

Quick popularity and success make latter-day leaders from the crowd very self-confident; they lose vigilance, mind and political resourcefulness. Thus they become marionettes of the governors, who under the mask of the advisers take power in their hands.

4. To override the crowd, deprive its mind

It is better to disarm and override the crowd than fight with it. One does not need to bring foreign thoughts from the social conscious. These should be taken and used in the other way. One has to take in consideration that the crowd always takes word for action. Thus ostentatious actions and expressive promises can lead it in any direction, needed for the secret governor. To start with, give freedom of speech to the representatives of the crowd. Empty criticism, discussions and speech in-fighting break the habit of thinking, drawing mind away to give answers. To form needed wishes in the crowd and override it, you have to cause a lot of controversial opinions from different sides. This inevitable controversy will disorient the population. In the informational chaos people will stop understanding each other. Also you have to proclaim freedom of a person. When one free person meets another free, it causes conflict. When the crowd understands that it cannot reconcile the hostile sides, it will be ready to resign to any governor, who in the words will promise to stop quarrels in the society. Under the cover of ideas of equality and brotherhood, you should build society in such a way that all important decisions are taken collectively (by voting, for example), while any private initiative looks inadequate.

5. You can win without battle

To conquer the strong state, it is not required to make war. It is enough to corrupt the society, and when disappointment of the crowd reaches a certain grade, take power in your hands. This could be done, even without crossing the borders. At first you have to infect the state you want to conquer with the idea of freedom. For example by proclaiming freedom of enterprise at your own state and giving imaginary freedom to those who seek personal gain. Loudly praise your economic success, which arrived as if due to this freedom. Envy to the other’s happiness inevitably will cause irritation in your neighbors. They would like to have similar prosperity. Time comes, and the crowd starts chasing some pipe dream, which is as it thinks somewhere near. It loses respect to its government, and any mistakes cause unlimited irritation. Parvenus from the population arrive, whose activity destroys society completely. It leads to chaos in the country. In such situation any foreign power is taken with hope and thankfulness.

You should support the scientists-nonconformists, who inevitably arrive in any corrupted society; they will turn to obedient servants, who will allow rule destroyed and enslaved state.

6. State must be vulnerable

Stable prosperous state early or later will destroy its creator. The crowd, feeling its greatness and power, plumes itself. In the free prosperous society it starts to find adequate use to its abilities. But as the crowd has nothing in possession, it ruining everything on its way. Any demonstration of the brutal force strengthens the authority of the government and prevents possible disturbances. You should have many petty monarchs, acting inside of the state as inner organs in the human body. And overview that the executives precisely fulfill their functions, taking complete responsibility for the consequences of their work. If you damage one part in the state mechanism, the whole state becomes will. This the state becomes very vulnerable. Appointing one petty monarch and removing other, you could easily and invisibly administer «health» of the whole state in any limits, up to killing it. With this, it is important that the ruler always looks right for the crowd, and all problems shown as if caused by his stupid assistants.

7. Faith in God makes the reign mighty

Bringing the crowd under control, you should never criticize openly its old traditions. If the faith is an obstacle for the power, accurately switch it to the new one, more adequate in the modern conditions. It is also necessary to create new spiritual ideology in the same way, as it was done in the ancient times, when old superstitions were replaced by the new.

First of all old beliefs are unmasked. You have to collect as much as you can helpful blabbers-human-rights-activists, which being inside the nation will every day show their dissatisfaction with the existing situation, supporting their thoughts with false historical examples, which became known to them as if from the very reliable sources. Inciting discontent of the crowd, blabber-truth-seekers will state that only strengthening of the authority is able to make nation really happy and prosperous. Governor must welcome freedom of speech and new ideas, arising as if from the crowd.

If in transitory period atheists, reformers or persons without definite orientation arise, they also could be good to strengthen the authority. Do not waste forces struggling with them; better use their weaknesses. Propagating atheism, reformers seek not just wealth, but fame and popularity. Thus they are very sensitive to attention and flattery. Attracting them to your side, you have to give them complete freedom of speech, provoking new meetings against any religions. Active atheistic propaganda makes religious figures seek protection from the authorities.

8. He wins, who attacks first

In case the enemies, as a rule, start their conspiracy from secret organizations, you have to leave them behind, creating similar organizations, all activities of which are controlled by the trustees of the governor. From the outside activity of these controlled organizations must be similar to the real opposition activity, which protested against existing government. These false organizations should have better conditions for their work, so that they seem more protesting in comparison with actual conspirators. Due to invisible patronage from the government, such pro-government opposition will be more popular among the population then real opposition. This will draw and fritter away forces of the conspirators, cause disorder and disarray among them. There should be so many false secret organizations that activity of real opposition loses sense in the whole stream of freethinking.

Any governing must look like father’s guardianship. Authority must look like parents, who bring up in their children sense of duty and obedience. Punishment is practiced as deterrent in any education. Fear before the inevitable punishment forms sense of duty and civil responsibility.

9. Wealth gives power

Power must guarantee order in everything, especially in the financial questions. Rich must know that in their interests is to give voluntarily part of their profits to the government, buying so their security and possibility to get profits further on. Mighty one is gladly paid for protection.

Governmental needs should be paid by those, who have possibility and for whom it is not difficult. Equal fee for everybody increases hate of the poor to the rich. And it leads to disturbances, spontaneous meetings and corruption of the society. When you free the poor from paying fees, they will have more respect to the government. To make peace among poor and rich, you have to say to the people that the rich pay for government needs and guarantee peace and order in the society.

To draw money from the population, promise its multiple increases, after return some time later. You have to take moral in consideration. Moral is different for everyone. Be successful in the politics is possible only in case you are guided by necessity of the actions, not by moral principles.

10. Unprovable authenticity

Ideology of the ancient from the childhood is implanted in the conscious of the man, so with the time it is hardly distinguishable from the own opinion. Life of modern people consists of reflexes, rules and deeds, which were characteristic for their ancestors, who left for another world many centuries ago. Who could be honest with himself that he is only marionette, fulfilling commands of unknown dead, who entered your «independent» conscious many generations later?

The dead continue living in their works, making people obey their rules.

B.K. Ratnikov has used data from the book «Mysticism» by S. Gordeev for this article.

The article is placed
Please reserve copyright.

Boris K. Ratnikov

Boris K. Ratnikov

General-major in reserve, Federal Protective Service of Russian Federation.

Boris K. Ratnikov is general-major in reserve of Federal Protective Service of Russian Federation.

In 1969 graduated from Moscow Aviation Institute, department of aircraft control; in 1984 graduated from Highest Red Banner School of KGB (Committee of State Defense Service) of the USSR as the officer with high education and knowledge of Persian language. In 1980 was twice in the official trip in Afghanistan as counselor; took part in the military operations; awarded with military medals.

Since 1991 till 1994 was Deputy Head of the Main Administration of Protective Service of Russian Federation. In 1996-1997 was appointed a counselor of the head of federal Protective service of Russian federation. Until 2003 was counselor of the chairman of the Moscow Regional Duma.

Currently is the head of Energo-informational laboratory of Academy of National Association of Bodyguards (NAB) of Russia.



Stalked By A Secret Police UFOs & The Harassment Of Tony Topping

Words cannot describe the living hell a covert agency of the state put Tony Topping through here he talks openly for the first time about his involvement in UFO operations, being stalked and disrupted by mind control and his excellent imporvised piece to camera of him cracking up which sums up what words cannot say regarding his ordeal. The cover up regarding UFOs is in place and Tony has been the victim of serious hi-tech crime. Show your support. No media commerical or alternative my rebroadcast without prior permission copyright 2014

Tony Topping My Private War Against Classified Mind Control Operations Involving Covert Interests & UFOs

A photo taken during of me through trying times a few years back I still smile.

A photo taken of me through trying times a few years back I still smile.

For this article the tinyurl is:

Tony Topping My Private War Against Classified Mind Control Operations Involving Covert Interests & UFOs

What Edward Snowden Did Not Tell You.

The recent revelations of Edward Snowden regarding mass electronic monitoring of the population via electronic means dramatically escalates I do believe to the further horrifying and unfathomable world of mind control and covert operations which I am a witness to from 1999 to present.

It is correct to say that the secrecy behind theses operations go beyond normal government and even the heads of our agencies who are tasked to keep society safe. Unfortunately we have a lunatic element who far from keeping society safe appears to be running riot with covert projects and members of the public being selected for a unique brand of experiments with artificial mind control technology, from across the UK to the US people from all walks of life might be the target of these people as the developments in mind terror weapons continue with no oversight.

Currently they have sunk back into the shadows, yet the concern is present that I am still being monitored illegally and very closely.

Such is the brazen untouchable manner of classified operatives dealing with illegal mind control upon the public it raises important national security issues should world leaders with hands on nuclear triggers be targeted by such technological unethical evil people called mind terrorists.

Only recently a Turkish investigation concluded the possibility that the Turkish PM may be a target of this covert technology I raised the alarm and the silence is deafening. This is the world beyond electronic gathering of email & internet a world fully covered by the very secrecy system designed to protect society.

It is my public duty as a UK citizen to report and write on these matters. My quarrel is not with those who are involved in highly dangerous work to protect the innocent I hope that is clear. The world I have seen is one of covert unacknowledged secrecy Orwellian in scope and guarded by psychopaths.

Currently researchers in my subject field who write books and are also in the media have a policy that the events I or others describe do not happen too them in the course of their research so therefore it does not happen too you, this subtle form of ridicule is common for I am known as a Targeted Individual or TI. Dr Steven Greer who was also a TI members of the UK Diplomatic Service, former admirals and air chiefs in the UK have all commented that such cloak and dagger activities do go on.

It took me a very long time to understand that mind control and covert intelligence harassment of UFO researchers in the world of secrecy about matters UFO or paranormal goes on, but it slowly takes years of experience to reach these conclusions. I am a specialist in the UK on the subject of UFOs this then developed into studying the worlds of Espionage & the world of Psychic Espionage.

I have appeared for major broadcasters had part of my work endorsed by a highly decorated individual awarded a Legion of Merit for intelligence gathering by unorthodox means. I never thought my experiences would lead me into the media.

My experiences began in 1999 but go back further down the years, yet the start of this weird journey that began with covert monitoring gives new meaning to the word monitoring agency it really began in 1999 the covert harassment by any government agency is a crime and violation of my human rights has occurred.

You have to become them and think like them to understand these very evil people. Any inquiry or questions will be mocked the messenger will be shot on no account would they want to acknowledge these activities go on in a world of spin and media sycophancy of our current insane world.

Many corporations are involved, money has been spent on development of mind control and mind interfacing, it is damaging PR to all concerned. To hell with ethics or the crimes committed, for telling the truth is now a crime, this is the world Snowden did not tell the public about. A world of top secret development and unethical behaviour that would delight any Nazi scientist from the era of WW11.

The Strange Events That Started Unwanted Attention From A Covert Agency

Here is something I wrote a few years ago regarding what could be described as testing a form of covert weapon against me in 2001.

“That the mind was emotionally crippled and at the first hint of mind invasion an element of my mind would find the invasion interesting, You would it appeared be kept awake while asleep and then the horrendous stabbing into the head would commence, with your head vibrating in concert with music like the theme from the film The Birds it happened in January 2001 my harrassor had run simulations on me like some kind of lab animal I awoke thinking I was going to die. Always between the hours of 0300-0400.

My controllers it appears were testing some type of non lethal weapon on me and persisted in telling me to keep quiet about my liaison with them a secret state out of control confident in secret immunity above all scrutiny the strange behaviour continued.

I shall share with you some of the entries in my journals and the effects this had on me in daily life which were terrible. First however we must understand the background to mind control which at all levels is around us in terms of the UFO subject it is often claimed that some are subjected to mind control implants and illegal abduction.

The intelligence agencies, such as MI-6 began investigating these mind-control techniques early this century, but their records have been routinely destroyed and tampered with. There are some survivors and professionals who know that the British used programmed trauma-based MPD (DID) agents in W.W. I.

The term MKULTRA was used by the CIA to instigate operations of mind control its founder was a man called Sidney Gottlieb an American Military Shrink who developed poisons for the CIA, as well as have a passion for folk dancing, as we shall note the research I write here is American based, however this technology was also deployed on myself remotely in the UK under tax payers money.

Sidney was a stutterer but was awarded a degree in speech therapy as well as having a club foot, it takes a deformed mind to carry out these operations on other people so that comes as no surprise, one of the operatives ordered a drink in a pub at the height of my harassment and one would never realise underneath the charming smile the man gave to the barman what they are involved with as he commented on the actions he had carried out upon me quietly and with confidence to the woman he was with I shall come to that shortly.

Project MKULTRA was activated by the director of the CIA Allen Dulles the agenda was to experiment on unwitting subjects that would crush the human psyche to admit anything, the UK arm of these people from 1999 onwards had a great go at cracking me and succeeded I am a broken man because of it.

MKULTRA was used in the 1950’s to subject people to various drug and mind control experiments Director Richard Helms burnt all evidence of CIA involvement in MKULTRA the term MK stands for the agencies technical division the word ULTRA is a classification designated from World War 2 intelligence, and during my experiences I would have the honour of having MKULTRA style mind control delivered remotely too me, remotely from a secret location night, and day.

These developed into what could be termed atrocities of the human mind as they exposed my psyche to every conceivable item of torture and perversion, while at the same time telling me that I was insane and needed help when in fact they had caused the problems it is a common modus operandi remember you must think as them.

My Private War With Mind Control Tony Topping Radio KTPF #Mindtap

They cause the insanity with the technology + tell you, you are insane because of what they have done + you need there help to cure you of the hell they have caused hence them being present doing what they are doing.

Jason Bourne and the Bourne trilogy gives some very dramatic insights into the mind set you are up against and I am just an ordinary member of the public up against operatives of some unknown organisation, in the films Bourne seeks to find his identity I also seek to find why these events happened too me, I have gone the distance and reached conclusions as to who and where but not why.

It is of note that I placed a web site on the internet and discovered that these unaccountable people would crawl out of the woodwork, the technical term for this technology used is Non Lethal Weapons Technology, or to use another term Strategic Personality Simulation, in a US Air Force Report called New World Vistas Air & Space Power For The 21st Century it is said that:

“It would also appear possible to create high fidelity speech in the human body, raising the possibility of covert suggestion and psychological direction. When a high power microwave pulse in the gigahertz range strikes the human body, a very small temperature perturbation occurs. This is associated with a sudden expansion of the slightly heated tissue. This expansion is fast enough to produce an acoustic wave. If a pulse stream is used, it should be possible to create an internal acoustic field in the 5-15 kilohertz range, which is audible. Thus, it may be possible to “talk” to selected adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them.”


A very good photo fit of my stalker a man immune from any oversight confident that the shadow secret state is like diplomatic immunity.

A very good photo fit of my stalker a man immune from any oversight confident that the shadow secret state is like diplomatic immunity.

I had also been followed by them on numerous occasions as I had been controlled under MKULTRA, MONARCH programming for a long time, I recall the man in the photo fit above had during these classified operations visited a local pub in Selby called The Cricketers Arms he had walked in and ordered a drink at the bar with a woman in her fifties they appeared not to be stopping long, they took up position to observe me not realising perhaps that I had observed them as I walked past to go to the toilet he looked at the woman and said “I see he is off to the toilet again”. This in reference to his constant and alarming mind invasive techniques to wake me up to go to the toilet at all hours which was common alarm clocks were even used for auditory purposes.

He did not follow me but stayed where he was propping himself up against a pillar I walked past him again upon my return, and I am sure the purpose was to communicate some fiendish plan too me, the woman did a bizarre thing by trying to get my attention in a mirror, she held her head back and looked at me tilting her head slightly, and then said to him “why won’t Tony communicate with us”. “I do not know come on lets go”. Looking at me like I was some type of stranger in a foreign land.

This man had stepped into my world a world even I could not understand. In that moment he had of course stepped into the realm of common law what is disturbing is his confidence to go about his work without challenge upon an unknowing public.

The second time I came under surveillance was also in a pub a few months later and these two were cool customers, as they wandered in to observe me the woman in question who I recognised from my strange going’s on calmly got a drink with the man she was with but she was not calm and had a nervous energy about her all the while the public oblivious.

I walked out stood at the door she also with the man she was with made for the door she stood next to me and in a foreign accent said “See you later Anthony”. I concluded correctly that harassment was going on and it would escalate with the reason why constantly eluding, Le Carre could not have written it better.

Another suspicious appearance of these people came in the form of an unmarked helicopter while walking home in 1999 unmarked and green in colour Jane’s Defence Weekly concluded it was an AS555 that unusually is not on issue to UK military.

Secondly a Lynx pilot commented it was a sliding door variant with winch a highly unusual craft, unmarked breaking every air regulation in the book like from a Jason Bourne film it hovered over a road junction horizontal too me a few feet above a street lamp. Motorists could not believe it as horns were blasted in protest. I reached a conclusion that it was them and they were calibrating the technology used on me up close and personal strange but true. It caused much debate on the ITV This Morning programme.

Chatting to Phil & Holly about my experiences the helicopter in view.

Chatting to Phil & Holly about my experiences the helicopter in view. ITV This Morning.


A good shot of the AS555 or AS550 now climbing away from the junction a bristling array of domes are mounted.

A good shot of the AS555 or AS550 now climbing away from the junction a bristling array of domes are mounted.


Like a scene from a spy film the site of where the helicopter appeared

Like a scene from a spy film the site of where the helicopter appeared

Hovering across the road junction, car horns blared because he was dangerously low, from the canal opposite fishermen stood with hands on hips as the AS555 flew side on to myself for sinister reasons.

This helicopter and the people in it are part of some very strange events in my life.

This helicopter and the people in it are part of some very strange events in my life.

They used this technology with ruthless glee and left me in a daze while trying to hold down a full time job, and keep myself sane, it was common for me to be followed around the local town or anywhere I went. A bizarre event at the height of being awoken day in and day out happened at a local designer outlet where I was followed in 2000, a radio rally in Blackpool in about 2003 where once again I was followed, pubs were also game this was not covert observation this was overt observation they were indeed trying to covertly control me into a Manchurian Candidate.


It is the presence of this object identified as a UFO by image analysis that triggered a bizarre serious of events.

It is the presence of this object identified as a UFO by image analysis that triggered a bizarre series of events.


A plane that moves sideways and reverses, it is also off it's approach corridor, because it is a real UFO.

A plane that moves sideways and reverses, it is also off it’s approach corridor, because it is a real UFO.


The UFO Illunimates a TV antenna under intelligent control

The UFO Illunimates a TV antenna under intelligent control


All this was triggered by the repeated appearance from May to November 1999 of a mysterious UFO object that I filmed, and later would send for analysis it is this single incident that caused mayhem upon me, the more astute ask how they knew before I did that such objects were appearing and why were resources allocated to target me and from where ?

Evidence of the footage I have filmed plus the helicopters overt and covert surveillance speaks of an invisible ball that you cannot see going into the back of a net, we see the net move giving evidence of esoteric activity there is no evidence no paperwork trail, nothing at all that points a finger to these black operations or the people involved remember you are the criminal not them that is how it works.

When the persecution began for me it was during the time of mysterious helicopters and UFOs being filmed over my house, I remember it well as I was staying in Southport and I woke up to a thump in the head a synthetic thump with some words downloaded in front of me as if on a screen and it would eventually send me to the point of crack up which I hid from the world, with some educated guess work I concluded that these intrusions upon me were based on a source that was some type of psychotronic weapon delivered via a psychotronic station.

Other gems of torture included waking me up as if I had urinated the bed, waking me up as if the bed had been defecated in and screams into the head all hours of the night “do us a favour and throw yourself in the river.” was often delivered, to name but a few. I began to keep a log of these horrifying intrusions, the theme was that they were “The Police Of The Silence”. They said “Surely We Are The Police Of The Silence We Want You To Join Us”, in what way I could join them remained odd, but covert and overt observation continued by them, including every area of my life being taken over remotely.

My journals began in odd years but the one in 1999 makes chilling reading, as the enforcement to make me be a Manchurian Candidate of a mysterious shadow operation went on.

Another entry possibly May 1999, in conjunction with black helicopter observations, indicates “0230 awoken with two slight prickly feelings in left and right hand side of brain.””

Wednesday 17th “Theme Tune played in head”. The entry for the 17th may sound odd but not if you take it from the perspective of a hidden hand responsible for covert weapons testing or other covert projects ranging it’s hi tech mind control artillery upon the victim, then you will realise that everything is done for a reason including the apparent strange advertising theme tune played at full volume in your head while asleep just perhaps for amusement value. It was for them at times comical yet it was a serious project to reach a hidden goal separate from any form of oversight as a UK tax payer I should not be putting up with this behaviour.

On the same day it is written a malicious phone call is received at my house, 9th June 1999 and twice again on the 10th June 1999 at 0815, and 1250, the strange objects over my homes are ever present drones ? UFOs ? I can only wonder.

On the 11th June awoken from further strange visions & also at 0230-0300 of that morning my head appears to be nodding without control while in sleep an odd sensation, common among mind control victims as they involuntary muscle control under remote command, banging noises, phone heard, various remarks said all delivered via a form of mind control technology that causes inception into the very centre of thought.

17th June 1999 0230 approximately, awoken from heavy imagery and effects. I am of course being bullied however in those years the ordeal was terrible. a vague memory but is this outfit attempting to observe the incoming UFO craft via this advanced technology. Or is all part of horrific advanced artificial weapons development upon the human mind frankly the jury is out with me on that.

I was developing trauma symptoms because of this and they knew it, my appearance became poor I spiralled into depression, work was now the only thing I had, things would get so bad, that I would often attend my job in a suicidal state of mind due to all this, work kept me from the abyss, and thank god for that, it was mind control at its worst.

The theme was to make me powerless in a nation that was meant to stand for freedom and democracy, at a certain level however a conspiracy of silence is directed at the population, the 4th December 1999 is a classic entry as my mind was continually exposed to imagery and lack of sleep started me to have eating problems, then they labelled me even more mental than before with continual screams at me that I was “fucking mental” projected once again with advanced audio delivery to the mind while in sleep always on the hour.

One entry no date given was spine chilling, I know it was in 2000 and they were capable of keeping you awake while asleep the mad bastards used a drill sensation in my head somebody drilling into me, and then the voice, the voice saying “Mr Topping you will contact us”, “Who are you” I replied, “I am nobody”, “You will adhere to it”. Said the voice. Common also were attacks to the crotch area with some type of artificial simulation, there was constant mocking of the forces of law and order the testing continued with the adding of a bizarre Stockholm Syndrome towards the man who targeted me.

Some of the activities they did too me with this simulation technology included repeated sexual violations, awoken from images of men with guns, various mobile phone messages left, numbers untraceable, one answer machine message appeared to have me under observation coming out of my local Tesco, as two males one of whom was my stalker as seen in this article I do believe, debated me wandering out of the shop on an answer machine message they intentionally wanted me to hear it. The theme is all about control of the mind, kept active during sleep with senseless chatter, and noise, hellish while working night shifts and trying to sleep during the day.

The saga continues I now have become full time in giving lectures and appearing in the media on these subjects I am like a ship in a storm perhaps it has all ended in failure for my persecutors who had a top secret goal that failed because the wrong man was picked for some kind of classified operation they sink into the shadows but I have awoken and it is my duty to tell you about the world Snowden never told you about.

What is frankly disgusting is corruption has become the new normal the only debate among these corrupt people of a secret state will be lock down and why was a project the goal of which I know not of in failure, that is the mind set you are up against. They don’t do ethics, Bourne found his identity I still seek mine. Blackbriar is perhaps closer to reality than we think.

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Copyright All Images & Text 2014 Tony Topping



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“Jason Bourne found his identity I still seek mine to find out why these mysterious events happend too me.”

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