My Private War Against Classified Mind Control Operations Covert Interests UFOs Audio Version

Tony Topping My Private War Against Classified Mind Control Operations Involving Covert Interests & UFOs

Tony Topping due to his experiences is a media contributor on UFOs, Mind Control & Conspiracy.

What Edward Snowden Did Not Tell You.

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It has taken 10 years for Tony to choerently write about what happened too him,regarding covert harassment and the use of mind control which has developed beyond the routine montoring of emails and internet access, the frightening normality of his perpertators in these actions are a concern to security and liberty of everyone

The recent revelations of Edward Snowden regarding mass electronic monitoring of the population via electronic means dramatically escalates I do believe to the further horrifying and unfathomable world of mind control and covert operations which I am a witness to from 1999 to present. Stalked, intruded upon and subjected to very strange events.

It is correct to say that the secrecy behind theses operations go beyond normal government and even the heads of our agencies who are tasked to keep society safe. Unfortunately we have a lunatic element who far from keeping society safe appears to be running riot with covert projects and members of the public being selected for a unique brand of experiments with artificial mind control technology, from across the UK to the US people from all walks of life might be the target of these people as the developments in mind terror weapons continue with no oversight.