Joseph McMoneagle Remote Viewer 01 & The KGB Unit 10003


It was Joseph that gave me information not known in the West about the KGB psychic spy unit called Troop 10003 on my pages you will find the fascinating information about this unit & Joe’s former Soviet counterpart Alexi Yu Savin who is very relaxed speaking to the Russian press about his incredible work in looking into matters UFO & Alien. 


Joseph W. McMoneagle, Remote Viewer 01 CW2, USA, Retired, CTStS.

“Tony Topping has spent quite some time collecting and establishing knowledge about remote viewing across the planet. While some might believe otherwise, but he has clearly established considerable evidence that goes to uncovering much about remote viewing that the public should be aware of. Through his efforts and those of some others, it has become a well-developed and better understood asset of humanity at large. In a day and age, where much of the information available has no authentic or verifiable background, Tony has put together a compendium of knowledge which can help those interested in pursuing the subject to some degree. There may be some minor errors within his listings of presenters, but for the most part, his vetting efforts have been successful more than not. I recommend Tony’s site as a place where one can begin to understand the complex world of remote viewing and it’s somewhat vague history.”Joseph McMoneagle has had a number of successes viewing targets which have gone down in remote viewing folklore. Some of his more famous efforts:In 1978 he successfully ‘viewed’ the new Abrams XM-1 tank, which was hidden within an aircraft hangar. He even described the insides of the tank.

In September 1979 McMoneagle appears to have identified the construction of the first Russian Typhoon class submarine, identifying the twin-hull, the approximate length and the canted missile tubes on the submarine. He also predicted when it would be launched.

In 1995 former President Carter discussed one particular incident in which the group was tasked with finding a downed Soviet aircraft missing over Zaire which may have been carrying nuclear technology. Three of the viewers, including McMoneagle, put the plane within an overlapping 13 kilometre circle, while an SRI viewer was accurate to within one kilometre.


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