The Reality of UFO Contact


The Reality of UFO Contact,..

Tues 23RD February 7.30pm The Bricklayers Arms High St

Downley High Wycombe

Tony Topping is a UFO experiencer & Targeted Individual. “Your the person who has had UFO encounters, you will come from all walks of life, you might be a UFO researcher or had a UFO incident .you are baffled by it. What you see is information that just does not give you answers,” Tony takes the audience on a very deep journey of unorthodox understanding into the real life elements that involve UFOs.Tony has had a lifetime of experience with the UFO phenomena. Here he shares unique knowledge of his spiritual journey and encounters with UFO craft that take an evolutionary jump in knowledge, This unique information forms part of a major TV documentary project. Bring a pen we’ll bring the paper it is going to be an information