Journals Of A MILAB An Entry By Tony Topping 10th July 2014

Journals Of A MILAB An Entry By Tony Topping 10th July 2014

It was on the 8th July 2007 when I noted an entry of  little child entering Dreamscape, the noise and disruption to the mind was so deafening at the time that it was only in 2014 I noticed and it raised questions, it is harder than I thought to keep a journal sometimes beyond my comprehension I have decided to work backwards today is the 10th July 2014 this morning was like a freak show as time displacement is present as if you are some place forward in time of have been into the future yet are strangely sat in the now, it is a very isolating and lonely feeling and I sense screen memories surfacing with them, I was upset today over events I have no control over, did my talk on the 7th July and on the 8th wandered to the beach at Southport, a close friend had a CE5 encounter recently he keeps it to himself such is the world, as do many in my nation, two UFOs came in over the beach dots of light high up no noise, no strobe my friends had never seen anything like it they circled me something they have never done before and I am left in wonder…