UFOs Channel 4 RIIA & The Extraordinary Visions Of Tony Topping



A vision from one ET group very real and very animated.

A Vision From One ET Group Very Real And Very Animated.


For a forthcoming Channel 4 documentary on the morning of the 23rd May 2014 Tony Topping went to London to be filmed by the broadcaster near the Royal Institute of International Affairs,on that morning a vision was delivered too him that was some type of warning, involving triangle UFOs & clocks on a countdown to some type of conflict. Tony keeps an open mind, the question arises has some advanced alien culture sent warnings to the US & UK governments and if so why ?. In this clip Tony describes what happens.

The opinions expressed by Tony Topping maybe subject to change as his experiences grow & may not be the official position of Tony Topping. No media is allowed to use this footage without prior permission Rights Reserved 2014 Tony Topping.