The Tony Topping Show Returns Sept 2014 Ronnie The Spiritual Equalizer

The Tony Topping Show returns by popular demand…Sept 2014

Ronnie A Spiritual Robert McCall

Like the TV drama The Equalizer Ronnie spiritually equalizes the odds for those who need help. From those in ill health, to a motor that would not fire up. Got a problem, spiritual odds against you ? call Ronnie The Spiritual Equalizer.

Ronnie lives in Southport & met Tony via local ham radio, Tony discovered that Ronnie is in fact a closet spiritual warrior with a fascinating tale of paranormal experiences to tell including a UFO incident that happened to his sister in 1965 relating to secret UFO projects. He tells the show of his studies of the healer Smith Wigglesworth.

Tony explores Ronnie’s Evangelical beliefs and how it applies to his high strange experiences, as well as Ronnie’s remarkable coincidences and powerful healing prayers which has even been of help to Tony. The Tony Topping Show interviews people who have never spoken about to any form of media before.

Tony Topping Contributes To New Channel 4 UFO Documentary For Plum Pictures

Smiling through adversity.

Smiling through adversity.

 It was a fascinating journey taking Dan Schrieber into my world of UFO experiences I always keep an open mind regarding the events that surround me. The production team inform me that little was taken out of what I had to say, it all went a bit Mark Thomas Comedy Product in true Channel 4 style as we ventured into the building of an establishment rumoured to be involved in investigating those who have had UFO encounters in a quest to find out more, on the morning before travelling to the establishment a most mysterious incident took place.  We also visit locations where I was stalked by some very strange individuals this will be the first time that the stalking element of my story will be aired by a mainstream broadcaster.

In the world of media spin it is noted in the Channel 4  press release the words “these characters” it is important to note that I and others with similar experiences have been to hell and back, I was targeted by covert interests beyond public scrutiny what we say and do is not because we are characters but because it is in the public interest as I say to camera “laugh with me not at me” in view of the nightmare I have lived. It is important to clarify that I am what is termed a “Targeted Individual.” Or TI, as well as being a media contributor & writer, it is my hope that Channel 4 will venture where no broadcaster has been before regarding my UFO experiences and the heavy price tag I have paid.


From the Channel 4 Press Office

Channel 4 beams up The Big E.T. Conspiracy (w/t)


Channel 4 has commissioned a one-off documentary from Plum Pictures that will meet British people who believe in extra-terrestrial conspiracy theories.

Writer and comedian Dan Schreiber will travel across the UK to meet an array of Brits who believe there is a global conspiracy to cover up alien visits to Earth. In meeting these characters, Dan plans to discover why so many people of all walks of life are captivated by extra-terrestrial mysteries. Along the way, he’ll hear extraordinary theories on why authorities could be hiding the existence of aliens, and how extra-terrestrial beings may already be walking among us.

Commissioned by Anna Miralis for Channel 4, this one-hour documentary will include accounts from those who claim to have experienced close encounters, interviews with leading experts in the ufology community and individuals who have dedicated their life’s work to uncovering the alleged alien cover-ups.

As well as stand-up comedy, Dan’s career highlights include co-creating BBC Radio 4’s Museum of Curiosity and being a researcher/’Elf’ for BBC Two’s QI. Speaking about the project, Dan comments: “Channel 4 have let me loose on my first ever TV documentary to meet people who may have had contact with aliens. I’m fascinated by conspiracy theories – the stories, the people and the connections they make. This isn’t about proving them right, or debunking them, it’s just an appreciation for some fantastic mind-blowing ideas.”

Will Daws, Executive Producer at Plum Pictures added: “Dan is an exciting new presenter who brings a fresh insight into the world of the ET conspiracy theories. He has embarked on a mysterious journey full of claims of strange sightings and government cover ups, but never loses his sense of awe at being introduced to some of the country’s best-known conspiracy theorists.“

Anna Miralis, commissioning editor for Documentaries at Channel 4, said: “We all at some point consider whether we’re alone in the universe, and some have made it their mission to convince the world that we aren’t. We’re excited to be working with Plum Productions and Dan on this doc. His warm humour and genuine passion for the topic make him the perfect frontman for the programme.”

The Big E.T. Conspiracy (w/t) is a 1 x 60 minute documentary from Plum Pictures. It is directed by Daniel Lucchesi and executive produced by Will Daws.

An Introduction To The Covert Technology Used On Tony Topping Mind Control In The 21st Century Steven DiBasio

Smiling through adversity.

Smiling through adversity.

With thanks to Steve DiBasio one of the best articles written on the use of covert technologies and development, this technology was used on me for a number of years. My article @

Mind Control in the 21st Century—Science Fiction and Beyond


Mind Control in the 21st Century—Science Fiction & Beyond

… by  Steven DiBasio

Is it coming to a home near you?

Is it coming to a home near you?

Conspiracy Theory?

“Mind control” is a topic commonly perceived as “conspiracy theory” or “X-Files” fare. That is, it is seen as possibly not “real,” and certainly not something about which one should be “overly” concerned.

This attitude at least partially arises from the widespread belief or assumption that the human brain is so complicated—(“the most complex entity in the universe” is a common formulation)—that it has not, and perhaps cannot, be comprehended in any depth.

One writer, for example, describes the brain as of “perhaps infinite” complexity,[1] while another, David Brooks of the New York Times, writes that it is “probably impossible” that “a map of brain activity” could reveal mental states such as emotions and desires.[2]

Similarly, Andrew Sullivan, blogger and former editor of The New Republic, opines that neuroscience is still in its “infancy,” and that we have only begun “scratching the surface” of the human brain, and links to a New Yorker piece in support of that position.[3]

And the cover story for the October 2004 issue of Discovery Magazine entitled “The Myth Of Mind Control” advises the reader that while mind control is a “familiar science-fiction” staple, there is little reason for real concern, because actually deciphering the “neural code” would be akin to figuring out other “great scientific mysteries” such as the “origin of the universe and of life on Earth,” and is therefore hardly likely.[4]

According to the article, as the brain is “the most significant mystery in science” and quite possibly “the hardest to solve,”[5] mind control remains at worst a distant concern.

The underlying idea seems to be that sophisticated mind control is unlikely without understanding the brain; and we do not understand the brain.



Understanding the “Neural Code”

Of course, one might question the notion that a full understanding of the “neural code” is a prerequisite for mind control since it is not always necessary to know how something works for it to be effective. Nonetheless, the assumption that the brain is so complex that little progress has been made in “solving” it is itself incorrect.

As neuroscientist Michael Persinger has said, the “great mythology” of the brain is that it is “beyond our understanding; no it’s not.”[6] In fact, according to inventor and “futurist” Ray Kurzweil, “very detailed mathematical models of several dozen regions of the human brain and how they work….”[7] had already been developed over a decade ago.

Kurzweil also said at that time that science is “further along in understanding the principles of operation of the human brain than most people realize….”[8] While the brain may be complicated, “it’s not that complicated (emphasis added).”[9]

Similarly, an Air Force report from 1995, in a section entitled “Biological Process Control,” predicts that before 2050 “… [w]e will have achieved a clear understanding of how the human brain works, how it really controls the various functions of the body, and how it can be manipulated…:”[10]

One can envision the development of electromagnetic energy sources … that can couple with the human body in a fashion that will allow one to prevent voluntary muscular movements, control emotions (and thus actions), produce sleep, transmit suggestions, interfere with … memory, produce an experience set, and delete an experience set.  [11]

As disturbing as such “predictions” may be, is it possible that technologies to prevent (or perhaps even impel) muscular movement, control emotions, transmit suggestions, delete memories, create false memories, and so on, have already been developed?

Certainly, even a cursory review of the “open literature” reveals that various sophisticated mind control technologies already exist.[12] Indeed, it is rather shocking to realize how advanced mind control technology was, even several decades ago.

"Altering brain waves"

“Altering brain waves”

For example, there is the 1974 invention of Robert G. Malech for which a patent was granted in 1976 and assigned to defense contractor Dorne & Margolin, Inc.—for a method of “remotely monitoring and altering brain waves.”[13]

Moreover, experiments conducted over thirty years ago at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) showed that basic mind reading from EEG readouts was possible, revealing the existence of “a non-symbolic language” of “brain-wave patterns” which could be deciphered and translated.[14]

Indeed, “…[b]y the late 1960s … ‘remote control’ of the human brain—accomplished without the implantation of electrodes—was well on its way to being realized.”[15] A means of stimulating a brain “by creating an electrical field completely outside the head” was developed,[16] and it was discovered that electric pulses could stimulate the brain using far less energy than previously “thought … effectual in the old implanting technique.”[17]

Not surprisingly, with such developments arose legitimate fears of a future world where “human robots” would perform the bidding of the “military.”[18]

And one source quotes a 1970s Pentagon agency report as saying that it will likely be possible in “several years” to induce sounds and words directly into the brain (bypassing the ears), as well as to use “combinations of frequencies and other signal characteristics to produce other neurological effects….,”[19]

The report notes that the Soviets had observed “various changes in body chemistry” and “functioning” of the brain from the exposure of the brain to various frequencies.[20] Also mentioned are studies at MIT showing that “magnetic brain waves can be picked up … and amplified as if the brain were a radio transmitter,” no implants or electrodes required.[21]

Finally, an article from 1981 describes how “microwave generators” placed in appropriate locations and transmitting at low energy would create “interference patterns” out of the interaction with brainwaves (brain electricity).

These interference patterns “could then be built up by computer into a three-dimensional moving picture of mental processes”—in other words, a remote “thought scanner” (and tracking device) could be developed.[22]


Recent “Advances”

Subjected to outside influences

Subjected to outside influences

In light of these past developments, it is perhaps rather surprising to read modern articles describing supposedly recent innovations in “mind reading” and mind control technology – in which it is sometimes claimed, for example, that scanners, electrodes and proximity to the subject is required to read and “control” minds.

Such claims reflect an apparent failure of the science of “mind control” to progress as one might have expected considering the presumed interest, as well as the spectacular rate of advancement of science and technology in general in recent decades.

Of course, it would not be all that surprising if mind control technology has advanced considerably, but that research has been carried out in secret for reasons of “national security.”

CIA affiliated scientists have certainly conducted much research which they have been prohibited from sharing with their peers,[23] and inventions that implicate “national security” are routinely suppressed under Pentagon secrecy orders.[24] Also, it might seem desirable to hide research programs which sometimes “require” relaxation of ethical standards, such as that of informed consent.

That said, even ignoring the likely existence of a “secret science” of mind control, recent public advancements are quite troubling in their own right.

Some examples:

"New connections" are being made all the time.

“New connections” are being made all the time.

1)    In 2004, 25,000 rat neurons on a glass dish learned to fly an F-22 jet fighter simulator.[25] After scientists placed the neurons on the dish, the neurons quickly began “to reconnect themselves, forming a living neural network—a brain.”[26]

The lead scientist added that “one day,” though of course a “long way off,” disembodied brains might actually be used to fly drones,[27] though the current experiment was merely to enhance knowledge of how the brain works, and possibly provide “clues to brain dysfunction.”[28]

2)    In August 2013, researchers revealed that “miniature” human brains had been grown in the laboratory.[29] As is typical, any negative implications or reasons for worry were minimized, while possible “therapeutic” uses were highlighted. Thus, the breakthrough was hailed as a great opportunity to understand “developmental defects.” Though the writer does mention “the spectre of what the future might hold,” the reader is reassured that the research is “primitive territory”[30]—though one researcher did comment on the “undesirability” of growing larger laboratory brains.[31]

3)    On July 1, 2013, a magazine reported a claim by neuroscientist Sergio Canavero that it was now feasible to transplant the head of one human to the body of another and reattach the spinal cord.[32]

4)    Scientists have reconstructed random images viewed by subjects, from fMRI brain scans, in research that “hints” that “one day” scientists might be able to “access dreams, memories and imagery….”[33]

5)    The brains of two rats have been linked, such that one, located in North Carolina, responded “telepathically” to the thoughts of the other, located in Brazil.[34] The second rat’s brain processed signals from the first rat’s brain, delivered over the internet, as if they were its own. The scientist speculated about the “future possibility” of a “biological computer, in which numerous brains are connected….”[35]

6)    A brain-to-brain interface has been created, allowing humans to move a rat’s tail just by thinking about it.[36] Readers are told that while it is not yet possible to “communicate brain to brain with our fellow humans … we may be on our way to … controlling” other species.[37] But, since it is “still very early days” the writer “hope(s)” that any ethical concerns can be “iron(ed) out.”[38]  Of note, the study used focused ultrasound to deliver impulses to the rat’s brain.[39]

7)    Continuing the ultrasound “theme”: Focused pulses of low intensity low frequency ultrasound, transmitted noninvasively through the skull to the human brain, have been shown capable of producing, not only pain, but also sound, as well as evoking “sensory stimuli.”[40] Accordingly, a lab with a “close working relationship” with DARPA, the Department of Defense, and U.S. Intelligence communities, has been looking into using pulsed ultrasound to encode “sensory data onto the cortex”; in other words, producing hallucinations through the remote and direct stimulation of brain circuits.[41] Possibilities are the ability to “remotely control brain activity” and the “creation of artificial memories.”[42] Even Sony has gotten in on the act, patenting a device for using ultrasound to produce hallucinations—again described as “transmitting sensory data directly into the human brain.”[43]  Most troublingly, one source recently alleged that the NSA is using this ultrasound technology to target individuals through their smartphones.[44]

8)    A researcher was able to make a fellow researcher in a different office move his finger just by thinking about it, in the “first” demonstration of a human brain-to-brain interface.[45]

9)    A low cost means of tracking people, even through walls, has been developed. While in the past individuals could be tracked anywhere by the “military” using radar technology, this technology might enable entities with fewer resources to track people as well.[46]

How much live nano testing has gone on?

10)   Scientists have remote controlled a worm by implanting magnetic nanoparticles into it, and then exposing the animal to a “radiofrequency magnetic field” which stimulated its neurons. The scientists suggest that their research could lead to “innovative cancer treatments” and “improved diabetes therapies,” as well as

11)  Americans can now be spied on in their homes through their internet-connected appliances, according to (former) CIA Director David Petraeus.

Petraeus made his statements at about the same time a huge microchip company, ARM, unveiled new processors which will connect home appliances such as refrigerators, washers and driers to the internet.[48]

12)  LED lights have been ostensibly pushed for their efficiency over traditional bulbs. However, LED lights are also semiconductors capable of inducing “biological and behavior effects.”[49]


“Breakaway” Science?

Nural Codes

Nural Codes

While the aforementioned public developments are quite concerning, the reality is they may not actually represent the true state of the art in “mind control” technology.

It would not be that surprising, after all, for a domain with national security implications to at some point in its development branch off onto separate “tracks,” one public and the other “hidden.”

If such a bifurcation were to occur, advancements made in secret would not necessarily be incorporated into the public sphere. Eventually perhaps, innovations and breakthroughs would result in the development of an essentially new, covert science.

An example of a domain in which this bifurcation process seems to have occurred is aviation. In the public sphere, the most advanced aircraft might well be the F-22 fighter jet, or perhaps the F-35. However, if insider testimony is credited, these aircraft seem almost primitive in comparison with flying machines developed in secret.

Perhaps the most compelling statements in this regard come from Ben Rich, former Director of Lockheed-Martin’s Advanced Development Projects, or “Skunk Works,” a Lockheed division notable for its super high-tech, top secret projects, among them the U2 spy plane and the SR-71 Blackbird.

As Joseph P. Farrell’s reports in his book Saucers, Swastikas, and Psyops, Rich made a number of peculiar and provocative comments at the end of his career, and following his retirement on December 31, 1990 (prior to his death five years later), comments strongly hinting at “the development of … an off-the-books physics and technology….”[50]

For example, on September 7, 1988, in a presentation to the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics in Atlanta, Georgia, Rich lamented that he was prohibited from discussing Skunkwork’s current projects, but he did say that they “call for technologies once only dreamed of by science fiction writers.”[51]

In ensuing years, Rich elaborated slightly. For instance, while speaking to the UCLA School of Engineering Alumni Association in 1993, Rich said that “an error in the equations” had been discovered and corrected, making it possible “to travel to the stars.”[52] He added, however, that “these technologies are so locked up in black programs, that it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity.”[53]

Ben Rich - Who saw it it...lived it all.

Ben Rich – Who saw it it…lived it all.

Farrell goes on to relay a statement from an unnamed Lockheed retired engineer who was quoted in a magazine article in 1988 as saying that “we have things flying in the Nevada desert that would make George Lucas drool.”[54] In the same article an Air Force officer involved in the development of the SR-71 said “[w]e are testing vehicles that defy description.

To compare them conceptually to the SR-71 would be like comparing Leonardo da Vinci’s parachute design to the space shuttle.” And a retired Colonel chimed in: “We have things that are so far beyond the comprehension of the average aviation authority as to be really alien to our way of thinking.” [55]

Consider then for a moment the possibility that within the classified world, in 1993, a technology, to quote Ben Rich, “to take ET back home” had already been developed.[56] The implications are enormous, not to mention rather frightening. One wonders where the technology must be in 2014, more than twenty years later.

And if the aforementioned statements are true, and this seems plausible (why would these individuals lie, or even exaggerate, especially to Engineering Associations and Aeronautics institutes), what might this imply about the current state of the art in domains other than aviation, such as neuroscience, which has itself been the subject of intense “weaponization” efforts.

Indeed, what does such a vast discrepancy between what people believe and what is actually true suggest about the nature of our perceived reality in general?

Steven DiBasio is a writer, attorney, and sometime musician. He lives in the Midwest. And more will be on the way. He can be reached at:

Editing:  Jim W. Dea


Journals Of A MILAB An Entry By Tony Topping 10th July 2014

Journals Of A MILAB An Entry By Tony Topping 10th July 2014

It was on the 8th July 2007 when I noted an entry of  little child entering Dreamscape, the noise and disruption to the mind was so deafening at the time that it was only in 2014 I noticed and it raised questions, it is harder than I thought to keep a journal sometimes beyond my comprehension I have decided to work backwards today is the 10th July 2014 this morning was like a freak show as time displacement is present as if you are some place forward in time of have been into the future yet are strangely sat in the now, it is a very isolating and lonely feeling and I sense screen memories surfacing with them, I was upset today over events I have no control over, did my talk on the 7th July and on the 8th wandered to the beach at Southport, a close friend had a CE5 encounter recently he keeps it to himself such is the world, as do many in my nation, two UFOs came in over the beach dots of light high up no noise, no strobe my friends had never seen anything like it they circled me something they have never done before and I am left in wonder…

Eight? Infinity? August? Yet Another 2014 Holland Crop Circle Discovered by Robbert van den Broeke.

Eight? Infinity? August? Yet Another 2014 Holland

Crop Circle Discovered by Robbert van den Broeke.

The Crop Circle enigma surrounding Robbert van den Broeke continues to unfold in Holland, and the mainstream media remains mute about what is happening! Here is a new Holland Crop Circle report from Nancy Talbott. What is happening in the Holland Crop Circles deserves our world’s attention!

From Nancy Talbott:
Dear All….another circle, again foreseen by Robbert:

Date: July 8, 2014 (at, or just after, Midnight of 7/7/14)
Location: Standdaarbuiten, Holland
Crop: Wheat
Found By: Robbert v/d Broeke ((
Diagram: Roy Boschman & Nancy Talbott
Photos: Roy Boschman
Report By: Nancy Talbott, BLT Research (

On Sunday evening, July 6th, I (Nancy) skyped Robbert v/d Broeke because of a feeling I had that another crop circle was coming in Holland. Robbert said he also felt something was coming and both of us remarked on the fact that we were feeling extremely tired, something we’ve both noticed increasingly in the last few years when new circles are “getting ready” to appear near Robbert. Then, on the evening of Monday July 7th we were again on Skype for awhile when, at 12:05 am East Coast U.S. time (6:05 am July 7th, Robbert’s time) Robbert looked up toward the ceiling of his apartment and suddenly said he had a feeling in his stomach and heart and “saw” a “blueprint” of a new formation—an “8” (Robbert called it the number “eight,” although it could also possibly represent an infinity symbol)–which was coming in a crop circle very soon. I asked him to draw me what he “saw” and he did, and held up a sketch of an “8” to the Skype camera so I could see it.

Then on Tuesday, July 8th at 4:53pm U.S. time (nearly 11:00pm Robbert’s time) while again on Skype, Robbert again looked up toward the ceiling several times and all of a sudden got a certain look on his face that I’ve seen many times…saying then he felt a “very massive” energy around him and that the crop circle was happening immediately. I heard him say “Roosendaal” (a fairly distant town)…and then said some other Dutch village name I didn’t catch…and then said he had to go and call Roy right away, hoping Roy would not yet be in bed so he could drive Robbert to find the new circle. The last thing he said before hanging up was “it sounds strange…but it feels exactly like a baby is coming.CC11-3

By the time Roy arrived (and I suspect the crop circle had already formed) Robbert felt the place they had to drive was in-between the villages of Hoeven, Oudenbosch and Standdaarbuiten (all very close together), instead of Roosendaal. When they got to the right area Robbert “saw” (in his mind’s eye, not visually) a white, luminescent “aura” over one of the fields and they stopped the car & walked to this field. As they went down the tram-lines and then found the formation Robbert felt a huge amount of “activity” in the air over the field–that there were many “helpers” and “light beings” present.

Just as he had foreseen, the formation is a beautiful “8” with some amazing “lay” details. The wheat is laid very flat to the ground throughout, with two approximately 20 cm.-wide flat paths coming out of both of the “8” circles….and a very thin, 30 cm.-wide flattened ring around the whole formation.
CC 11 - 4

It had been raining steadily for several days and was also very hot, and the ground was wet and very muddy. But the rain had stopped enough by the time Robbert and Roy arrived so they were able to carefully pick they way along the tram-lines and could see, that even thought their boots were covered with mud, there was no mud at all in the new formation. Robbert heard the crackling “zzzzz” sound in this circle and felt the “electric feeling” was so intense the hair on his arms was standing up (as occurs when there is an electrostatic charge present). He also reported that in a few parts of the formation, if he stood there too long, he began to feel he might “go knock out” and had to quickly move.

Apparently the energies involved in this circle were extremely intense and Robbert and Roy both thought the “lay” looked unusual—very flat and more “mechanical” than is typical of most circles that occur near Robbert.

Finally Robbert tells me he got some “messages” in this formation. He said he clearly “heard” that those of us around the world who continue to work to bring the truth about the crop circles being a genuine unexplained phenomenon to the larger public are much loved by the non-human “energies” which create the real circles, and that those of us doing this are “making history.” And he told me he also got a specific “thank you” for me….that “they” thanked me and were “happy” I continue to do my part. I hesitate to recount this because I know some people will either think Robbert tells me this because he is, himself, grateful for my help…or that I report this only to “toot my own horn.” But I have come to a decision….perhaps it was when in February I “sent” the heart to Robbert in Holland ( )…that I am through trying to be “politically correct” at the expense of the phenomenon itself. Something way beyond what we ordinary souls understand is going on…and it’s past time for honest, smart people to “pony up.”CC11-12CC11-13


For additional photos of this and other Dutch crop circles, see Robbert’s Crop Circle Archive:

For more info (in English) about the anomalous phenomena occurring around Robbert for the last 20 years, see individual reports listed below the introduction on his BLT page:

Nancy Talbott
BLT Research Team Inc.
P.O. Box 400127
Cambridge, MA 02140 (USA)

ph: 617/492-0415

Rebecca Mccormack Alien Abductee Loving The Alien A Journey Into High Strange

Rebecca Mccormack Alien Abductee Loving The Alien A Journey Into High Strange.


An exclusive article on one woman and her journey with ET contact

An exclusive article on one woman and her journey with ET contact


The last year of my life I have spent searching for answers of who I am, for a woman at my age that might be an easy answer, but not for me. I am an alien abductee. I was abducted in the UK in 1975. What does being an alien abductee mean, it means that day in 1975 I became an alien. That day I was blessed by their presence and my life was changed forever.

During my abductions, I have had my reproductive system altered and I am supposed to give birth to a human hybrid that will help bring peace to our struggling world.

There are many women like myself all over the World; we are modern day Virgin Mary’s.

Today I communicate regularity with ET’s by channeling information online. I am able to channel all types of relevant information. I do this regularly. ET’s have become my family and they help me with day-to-day issues in my life.

Right now they are helping me find a potential partner that will be giving the same channeling capabilities as me. ET’s overall goal is to be an equal partner in the family unit. This means help with husband and wife partnership, parenting and financial freedom.

That is ET’s overall goal for all abductees like me, a new type of family.

I have access to a map that will help me locate other abductees like myself. With this map I have many options to bring these people out in the open and tell our stories.

This is Bike Behr. He is one of us. Women like me are supposed to raise children of advanced intelligence. Little geniuses. These children are able to communicate with ET’s the same way I do, in order to advance the children’s intelligence and self esteem.

Video of Bike Behr:

Bike Baehr’s facebook page:

The reason I have not known this all my life, is because my abductions as a child were erased from my memory, for very good reason. Some abductees choose to remember their experiences. I however, am not one of those people.

I believe that there is a good reason that this experience is not in my memory bank. I am thankful that I don’t have these memories and that this experience has been erased from my memory. I believe that my abduction was erased from my memory because ET wanted me to have normal childhood. That would not have been the case if I had a memory of my abductions. However, because of this experience a “normal” life has been challenging.

I have had many experiences all my life that were related to my abduction. As a young woman most of them left me confused and isolated. That was not the intention; however that was my reaction to the strange experiences.

There have been countless experiences of ET contact during my lifetime. One particular experience happened when I was twenty-five.

I was working as a waitress in Vancouver. I was standing in the bar area put away clean glasses. All at once all the glasses around me started to shatter. Glasses that I tried to pick up exploded in my hands. I had no control over this and the only way to stop was to leave the area.

I remember being very frightened and my boss, yelled at me and told me I would have to pay for all the glasses I had broke. This was embarrassing and confusing.

I left the bar and stood out in the back yard crying to myself. Soon after that I quit my job and moved back home to Winnipeg. In hindsight, this has been a pattern in my life, when I would experience contact I would regress and want to be in my home. That is why many of my experienced have isolated me.

I have made this mistake many times in my life. The comfort of home eased the stress of the unknown.

Looking back on this experience, I believe it was ET’s trying to communicate with me, but at the time I did not understand this. The reason I know this is because as of this year’s ET’s have been communicating with me in a way I can understand.

We communicate regularity online. They send me images and articles that relate to my life and they help me make good life decisions that will allow me to have the life they had always planned for me. However, like every parent child relationship. The correct discussions are not always made.

Unfortunately at times it is very difficult to understand their form communication and I felt very isolated and confused by the “strange” experiences. I am convinced that this is pretty much the opposite reaction they want from me. However, this experience has turned me into an introvert.

It was not until this year, with this newfound knowledge, that I learnt how to communicate with ET’s. Channeling information online has allowed me to fill in all the gaps of my personal story and find out the true intentions of my abduction and what this means for the future of this planet.

I call this past year “The Year of the Owl.” I can honestly say it was the strangest most educational year of my life.

Two years ago I started a blog called Real Free Energy. This was a somewhat confused mix of articles I wrote ranging from the Mayan calendar, solar energy and the law of unconditional love. I say confused because it was. Really it was just a way for me to put my ideas out into the world to get some feedback so I could have some explanation for what I had been experiencing in my personal life.

Since my late twenties I had been communicating with potential lovers with telepathy. Many people call it the voice of God, Jesus Christ consciousness connection, the voice of nature or the law of unconditional love. This profound experience can happen with two people who have never met or even had a physical conversation. I say physical because the divine matrix allows two people to communicate through telepathy.

Remote viewing is another area within these personal connections. I am able to-do this with the people I have a Jesus Christ consciousness connection with. Somehow I am able to view their every move no matter where they are in a room or how many people were in it. I can view them with ease in a room the size of an arena. No matter how far they are from me and without even looking in their direction.

Within these connections I am also clairvoyant and clair-feeling. Clairvoyance means you can transfer images. Clair feeling means you can transfer feelings. I can transfer feeling with my eyes simply by looking into a man’s eyes.

What I had been experiencing was a form of communication with my lovers. Men I was romantically involved with, I communicated with telepathy. For those who don’t know what this is, telepathy is mind to mind communication. So no matter my partner was in the world, I could communicate by sending messages to them with my mind. I can send messages, transfer feeling and images, with my mind.

It is so strange for me that people think telepathy is impossible or those who talk about it are crazy because it has been such a normal way of communicating for me for so many years.

I have been searching for answers as to why I was capable of such communication my entire adult life. However, I went to a long period of self destructive behavior, due to all the abuse I had endured from potential lovers. I was addicted to cocaine for five years. I lost everything I owned and ended up homeless in the process of learning my true story.

My search began with a web site I called Real Free Energy. I had been running the blog for a year or so when I stumbled across a strange video called “UFO’s and Alien Contact 2012,” a documentary narrated and produced by two men. One of them was a researcher that had been researching the experiences of women similar to me for some time.

He had been researching women who, like me, were confused by what was happening in their personal life. From the way he was talking about their experience they had no idea why they had such abilities and they were seeking help from the wrong people. I am sure this is very common for people like me.

He did not shine a good light on this phenomenon. He referred to us as victims and stated that “we are not to blame these people.” The documentary compared us to starving children in Ethiopia. He advised the population “to stay close to your family.” The video was very confusing for me. I had always believed I had a special gift, I just didn’t understand how to control it or use my abilities properly.

He went on to warn people about us. He continued to speak about ET “tactics” and how they “separate us from or friends” and they “they keep us in silence” That we use drugs and alcohol and that ET do sexual experiments on us. Furthermore that they confuse us and that they keep us in silence. He said that they “talk about Love, but this has nothing to do with Love” Like love something criminal to talk about.

He concluded by saying that we need to pay very close attention to what “these” people are saying because humans cannot compete with ET technologies. Furthermore, humans needed to ask some very important questions, “What is ET purpose in abducting women,” because so many of us end up killing ourselves.

I had very mixed feeling about watching this video and so much of the information was just so wrong. I really could never figure out where this person stood on the whole issue. He stated that we were “victims” and that “we should pay close attention to what we had to say” on one have, but on the other hand he warned people against us.

He said that we talk about love, but this has nothing to do with love. When in fact, this has everything to do with love.

In my opinion he had spoke to many confused women who did not understand what was happening to them. He wanted to be some kind of voice for them, but his information was so limited and based on his own fears and the fears of uneducated abductees. The information was ill informed and he himself was frightened that he did not have the correct answers.

The other narrator had such a star wars mentality explanation, that he came off like a moron. So I will say very little about what he said. His theory was that ET’s are building an army against us with these children. He also went on to say that ET tell us that we can “change the world, when really all they want is for them to have these babies.” He also alluded to the fact that ET were responsible for many missing children.

Watching this video really messed me up. I felt shamed and embarrassed. However, I feel that a lot being an abductee. I always feel people are laughing at me. I battle wrestle with the images and message from that video daily. I know I was supposed to see it, but some days I wish I had not.

I remember watching the video and thinking, I’m like those people but I have never been abducted. In fact, I thought it happened in my home many years later. It wasn’t until further research, that I did learn I was abducted and that the experience had been erased from my memory.

After seeing this documentary it became very important for me to learn more about the abductee phenomenon and begin the talk about it openly. I was shown this video for that reason. Before I saw the video I really had no idea how powerful I was.

That is why the producers were discrediting abductees as they were. The fact of the matter is humans just cannot compete with Alien technologies. I guess this was a tough way to learn the value of my gift, but could see through their lies and understand their fear.

I know I am a threat and I know this because of the way I have been treated my entire life.

I felt a lot of shame from this video. The word “sneaky” kept on creeping up in my mind. The video basically suggested my entire existence was “sneaky.” My abduction and telepathy were scrutinized. The researcher brought up much time the amount of “secrecy” involved. With this he is referring to the telepathy and the memory loss.

Abductions are erased from human’s memories for very good reason. Those who chose to be hypnotized and remember their experience will be faced with mental images that can be very damaging. As for telepathy, well that is done in silence. It is mind to mind communication.

The video was designed to shame us. The produces know that many of us are confused by this subject. They know that there is very little accurate information available to abductees. When I saw the video I was very frightened and shamed. I felt that I should be speaking to this researcher. Thankfully I did not.

Shaming women sexually is the most effective method of enemy warfare.

Ufo’s and Aliens Contact 2012 (Full Documentary):

Two year later I have the correct information about the abductee phenomenon. Looking back the sole purpose of that video was to scare and confused women, like myself into contacting the produces. The purpose of the video was to find out what procedure was done to abductees reproductive system, research for the government to genetically reproduce a similar form of human being.

The government must feel humiliated by the notion that ET’s chose to make contact with young children rather than politicians. That is why the opposition against this contact is so sinister. The entire phenomenon diminishes our entire political system.

Listening to other people opinions on ET’s becomes more and more challenging for me. I have come to my theories the only way I knew how, putting out ridiculous sounding blogs on the Internet to openly find correct answers. This has created much public ridicule. However, I have found my answers. It took three years of constant research to find my answers.

Since then, I have learnt to channel correct information on the abductee phenomenon for ET’s.

The answers I have found are more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. Before I spoke out, I walked around with my head down not wanting to not attract any attention. I was scared to look into men’s eyes. I was embarrassed of what would happen when I looked at a man I was attracted to.

For all of my life I believed that telepathy was just something I had a natural ability to do. And that most people were able to do this but just chose not to. I know this was wrong now. What I had been experiencing was not “normal” human communication. In fact, it was not even me doing it. No human being is capable of this.

I was capable of this form of communication because of ET’s technologies. I learnt that this was ET’s way of making contact with humans. And that whoever I came in contact with through this communication would be asked to assist ET’s in their overall mission to improve the lives for humans on Earth.

Many young women all over the world have been abducted for the same reason I have been. There is much confusion and incorrect theories as to why ET’s have chose to make contact in this way. Many men and women are suffering because of the silence and confusion.

Many years of my life I remained silent, only because I had no explanation for the experiences. I was left frightened and confused. As I am sure many like me have also felt for most of their lives. That is why I feel so passionate about speaking out on the subject.

This is a very difficult subject to talk openly about. For many reason, for me the biggest reason for remaining silent is because I just simply didn’t know how to express myself. I didn’t know I was an Alien abductee, so how would I know how to talk about what I was experiencing. It made absolutely no sense to me.

Confusion and lack of information, made it very easy for people to tell me I was crazy and delusional. How could I defend myself? It was confusing experiencing these technologies that most people including myself at the time, didn’t even know existed. So I just kept quite.

Remaining in silence was a very difficult task. I did not want to fall in love because when I loved strange things started happening. So I just did not date. Or I did, but just with no one I had a potential for falling in love with.

It was not just the telepathy that I continually experienced. ET’s would contact me several different ways. They contact only began to happen when I was of age to bare children. One night when I was in my mid twenties, ET’s came to me during the night in my bedroom.

I was alone in my bed and they gave me my first real sexual experience. This is not to say they came to me to have sexual experiences. ET’s used their technologies to show me sexual pleasure to make me more open to sexual experiences.

It lasted several hours and I think that it was the most beautiful experiences I have had in my lifetime.

At the time I was communicating with a fellow student with telepathy and ET’s were attempting to show me benefits of having sexual relations with this man.

Of course, at the time, I had no idea what was going on and like all the other experiences I kept quiet about it. ET’s have been with me my entire life, even though for most of it I was unaware of their present. They have always been beside me guiding me through my life.

I never had a broken limb or a cavity and I have never been seriously ill at any point I have never visited a hospital for any illness of my own. I am in perfect health.

Regardless, of whether I knew the details of my abductions, I have always known there was something very special about me. I just could never figure out what.

Then I found tumblr. I was given a medium to download all the info I ever wanted to know about myself and my relationship with ET’s. Through this medium I was able to learn my story and communicate regularly with my new family.

Lots of it was pretty difficult to take. However, it did teach me what I needed to know about how I need to present myself to the world to relay my message in a way that people will listen to seriously. That has been a difficult task because of the mystery surrounding this subject.

I’ve learnt to live as two different people from this experience. I live in two different dimensions, one as an Alien and the other as a Human. This is not ideal, but as resent as one year ago; I lived as one confused and miserable Human. So this is real progress.

I prefer my Alien life because it is filled with hope and dreams for a better Human life. As of now my Human life does not reflect my Alien one. When the two come together in harmony is when I will create a happy world for myself and from what I have been shown that life will be pretty wonderful.

As you can imagine my learning process to where I am today was long and tedious. There is absolutely no accurate information available for people like me. This is the result of many things. First and foremost this information has been hidden from the general public, so most people have no idea why this is happening in our world.

The government is covering this abductee phenomenon for several reasons, one because they have not been completely sure why this is happening. Also they have no weaponry against ET’s. Alien technology far surpassed Human technology.

The only way they can keep control of the state is to confuse and scare the population into believing that Aliens have made contact to harm Humans. In reality they have made contact to make a more peaceful earth. ET’s are not like humans and they don’t operate like Human’s. They are powerful and they will use their weaponry if humans don’t obey with their mission.

Women are being abducted for several reasons. Aliens are reaching for women to help them. Women create human life with their bodies. Aliens create all life on this planet. That is the bound between women and ET’s. However, they have reached for women to also make contact with men. For men and women to build strong families.

The monetary and patriarchy system has been developed to separate people. The modern family functions better with a stable income. However, with the current structure of the monetary system this means either one or both the parents is away from the home for a majority of their children’s lives. Thus there becomes a struggle between parenting and keeping the current financial stability of the household.

ET’s have made contact to change this situation for families. ET’s are able to use their technologies to give parents financial freedom. Basically, if both parents except Yin and Yang in their lives and allow ET’s to assist with parenting they are rewarded with financial freedom. By using their technologies to assist them with financial gain this can be done simply by challenging relevant information that allows you to make good business decisions.

This freedom gives families the tools they need to live as a strong and healthy unit. This is a new kind of family. One that is far different than the current struggling model we see today.

The partner women like us choose should be one that has a similar investment in a more peaceful world. The career past these parents choose will be an area that will assist ET’s in their overall mission of a more peaceful planet.

In other words these families will become somewhat spoke people for ET’s overall message of peace.

ET’s technologies can be used by humans’ for wonderful things. ET’s have the ability to turn a simple man into a great artist. A person with strong intentions who uses their artist abilities to relay ET’s message of peace. Basically, Aliens are asking men to use art as a medium to portray their important messages to the masses. This can be done through any artist medium, such as music, photography, writing, and painting or digital art. Whatever type of artist the man is ET’s will help them become great artist with the help of their technologies.

Art is tone of the medium’s which ET’s use to communicate with humans. This is how they ask humans to relay their true intentions for the abductees’ phenomenon. This art has the power to alloy all abductees and other humans to understand a war of the Worlds.

Examples of Alien communication through Art:

The secondary form of communication of ET’s is through Art. Part of my understanding of channeling has been to read the art created for Alien’s to communicate with me.

In this section I will attempt to show you how Aliens use art to relay there messages to me.

Earlier in this article I told you I stumbled across the documentary called “Contact 2012.” After I watched that video I felt that there was no hope for me. That what I had experienced my entire life was a sinister plan to encourage me to give birth to some strange form of human being for the sole purpose to destroy our world because that is what the documentary was basically saying about people like me.

At this time I stumbled across an image of me at the age of four playing in a field. I am usually sent messages through art to answer any questions I might have about my abduction. This was ET’s way of telling me when I was abducted and that I did not want to remember this time in my life.

From this image I knew that this was not a subject that I should be talking about with anyone associated with the production of the documentary.

At the same time I was sent an image painted by Adrian Board a young artist from Romania. I was able to couple the two images to give me a message that asked me to keep quit at this time. That the real reason this film was produced was to make me contact the produces for them to hypnotize me in order to get information from me on my abduction.

Image 1

The darkness behind me the day I was playing in the field told me that this was very scary experience for a little girl and that I was best not to know the details of my abduction. For this reason I will never be hypnotized in order to remember my abduction.

Image 2

Art is used as a form of communication. For ET’s to relay a message to me they send me a piece of art or a related article to answer any questions I may have.

Right now, ET’s are in the process of helping me find a life partner and a father for my son. I have three different men in my life that might be potential partners. So in many ways, these men are being screened by my “Father.”

I get images several times a week from this particular artist. I have no idea who he is. We have never met and as far as I know he lives half way across the world from me. But the majority of his work revolves around what is happening in my person life right now.

Each image comes to me as I need them. They are highly rendered images from an artist that does not know me. Yet all his art is being used to intemperate specifically what is happening in my personal life. That means he is creating this specific art of my personal behavior prior to my actions.

How this is possible is unknown to me.

This happens on a regular basis for me. It has just become one of the joys of my life at this point. It is like ET’s turn love into art. They have created art out of me and my potential lovers.

This example is a few years old and it was very puzzling at the time. The man I was interested in a few years back talked a lot about the environment and it was a large part of his life. ET’s sent me an image of two people embracing each other and then becoming tree.

I thought it was the most beautiful image I had seen in my life and the couple is a spitting image of me and that man.

Image 3

The squid is an example of an art piece sent to with the same artist intentions. I have said earlier that ET’s technologies can turn these men into great famous artists. The man associated with these images had used squids in his art prior to us meeting.

Image 4

Image 5

Extra Terrestrials view love as a form of art. Love in all forms. Their love for me. My love for my friends and family, ET’s love for mine and their future son and my potential family.

Anyone who tells you anything different is misinformed.

An example of an artist I like to refer to in my research is Tom Bag Shaw. I have had no contact with this man, but his reveals to me that he is one of these men.

Tom Bagshaw:

Based in the Georgian city of Bath, England, Tom Bagshaw works as a commercial illustrator under the moniker Mostly wanted and is represented by The Central Illustration Agency. His talents are sought after by clients in fashion, advertising, editorial and publishing, and include Saatchi & Saatchi, Sony, the BBC, Kraft, GQ, Future Publishing, Scholastic and Random House to name a few.
For his personal work he has developed a highly rendered digital painting style through which he explores themes of fantasy, beauty and mysticism. While his work deals with imaginative content, it also aims for a strong level of realism in its presentation. Feminine beauty plays a large role in his work, but the women he depicts are never frail damsels in distress. More often than not they are strong, intriguing characters, with an air of mystery to them.
In Tom’s work he depicts several different women with alien attributes. They are all beautiful, sophisticated and mysterious. Perhaps in his lifetime he has had several experiences with these types of women. His illustrations certainly seem to indicate this.

A Moment of Clarity:

The hallow is represented in several of Tom’s illustrations, symbolizing that women who express the Christ Consciousness are angelic. The woman in this image is being observed by onlookers. I have seen this as a common theme in other artist’s work, Adrian Brode. The women are some type of curiosity for many people. The three onlookers are formally dressed and from another time, late 1800’s.

The large tattoo on the woman’s back depicts her part of modern society. The alien energy coming out of her heart shows the way she expresses love.

The woman is observing the three onlookers with the same curiosity as they have. Although she is the one with the larger presence, she shares the same curiosity of them as they do of her. The fact that she half nude and has dirty feet shows she is humble and more connected to the earth than the onlookers.

Image 6


I like the title of this one. Perhaps she was the one that got away. Here once again a dignified woman with a hallow over her head. This is the first image I have seen of Tom’s where a woman’s body part appears to be alien, a hybrid. In many of his illustrations there are objects flying around the subjects head. Such as aliens energies foes and birds. In this image they appear to be small flying saucers.

Image 7


This illustration depicts a couple from the 1800’s holding an alien baby. Both the man and the woman seem to be looking out with a challenging stare. The man is holding a cross and a picture of what appears to be some-type of hybrid God perched up on stool and worshipped by two humans. The father holds a cross and appears to be a religious man, Christian or Catholic. The woman is surrounded by the same alien energies that are in the child’s head. This may mean the child is the one with the powers but the mother is surrounded by the same energy force.

Image 8

New Beginnings:

This illustration shows a mother with no man, but a fallen spaceship in the near back ground. A gifted child is born with no father. A story reminiscent of the immaculate conception by the Virgin Mary. In the bible Jesus Christ had no father and Mary was a virgin. Catholicism depicts Mary’s Immaculate Conception as a symbol of purity and submission. The mother depicted in this image wears a red dress, but the child is in blue. In modern society a woman wearing a red dress represents sexual power and confidence

The woman holds herself with an air of dignity and elitism. A well groomed pure bread dog walks by her side with the same air of dignity. In ancient civilizations, long before the birth of Jesus Christ, the Christ Consciousness was known under different names and worshipped by high-minded cultures.

Image 9


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